Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gay's Days Print, Audio or eBook?

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How many of you prefer a print book?

I love the feel of a print book in my hands. I buy them. I check them out of the library. Yellowed pages and the scent of old paper bring a sense of comfort and familiarity. If I buy a brand new book, I love the crisp pages and the joy of receiving a book no other reader has touched. I can keep my books or give them away.

How many of you prefer an eBook?

Reading on a device can be easier. I often slip mine into a handbag and read while I wait for appointments. You can read a lot of books and store them in a handy device. No bookshelf space needed.

Audio Books

Listening to a book while you take a long drive, or run errands can make the trip shorter and the traffic less burdensome. I love listening while I’m on the dreaded treadmill.

Did you know that the ebook gathers a great deal of information about our reading habits? That might be a disadvantage in more ways than one.  If I go to the library, select a book, read it, and then replace it on the shelf, I’ve read in privacy. No one knows what subject I’m interested in. If I buy a book, someone records the sale for the industry, but no one knows if I read it or not.

eBooks are different.  Electronic devices measure what we do.

1.     When we began the book.

2.     How many pages we read each time.

3.     If we reread a passage, or if we choose to highlight or look up a word.

4.     Pages we skip.

Readers of eBooks are part of a focus group. Marketers want to know our habits and preferences. What do they do with this knowledge? There may come a day when publishers pay for the information in order to tell writers what readers want. Or a publisher might use the info to make changes in an existing book and place it back on the market with a new cover and a new title.  

Even with the knowledge that unseen persons are following my habits, I’ll not give up my eBook. Most eBooks are cheaper than their counter part—the print, and I love taking one with me to appointments. Outdated magazines in offices are not interesting.

My book Clue into Kindness is now available in print. It is part of the Love Is Series from Prism Book Group. The publisher bundled the first three books (mine was number two) into a print collection, or if you prefer, you can purchase the three in one in an eBook as well.
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