Monday, March 14, 2016

Gay's Days Hot, Sunny Houston

Good Monday morning friends,

Daylight Saving Time began yesterday. Are you as confused as I am? Is that clock right or did it not get changed? Ugh. It is still dark outside. I awoke at the old time and realized I was late by the new time.

GRRRR. Why can't we leave it alone? Some states have opted out of it, and I wish Texas would.

We had a warm winter and now even warmer days are here. We expect to reach 90 degrees this afternoon. The fog cleared a little as I finished my two mile walk. I dread the heat to come.

I've got good news!  My book, Clue into Kindness, is free on Amazon today and tomorrow.  Here's the link.

Limited Time. Verify before purchase.
And guess what? I was the guest on several blogs last week.
I hope you'll visit these links. You'll learn something new about me and meet interesting authors: DiAne Gates, Victoris Pitts-Caine, and Carlene Havel.

Did you see my latest article in the Texas Hill Country magazine?  Here's the link.
Now that I've given you reading material, I'm heading to the closet to pack a few clothes.
I'm traveling  tomorrow on Bluebonnet filled roads and lanes.  Stay tuned for pictures!
I hope you'll go to Amazon for my free book, read the blogs listed above, as well as my article in the Texas Hill Country. 

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