Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gay's Days Back Home

Good afternoon friends,

I couldn't believe the cold wind this morning and felt forced to bundle up before I walked. The bizarre thing is that I wore more clothes today than during the winter. Crazy.

Hubby and I returned from spring break last night, and I've got the 'don't want to do anything' syndrome. Does that happen to you?

We enjoyed a few days at our cabin, and then drove to Fort Worth to visit my sister and her husband. She prepared a delicious meal.


Mushroom steak, potatoes, green beans and banana pudding. I love home cooking, especially someone else's. I didn't take our picture or capture one of her meal, I wish I had. This one looks similar, and I like the recipe. Might try it sometime. Might not either. Do you enjoy preparing food?

After our visit with family, we drove to East Texas.

Delia and Gay
I met Delia Latham for the first time. Delia's my editor, and we correspond often. She also writes great books. Have you read any of Delia's?  Like me, she loves angels, and you'll find several of her stories have them. 

Product Details
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Here's a book I really enjoyed (among the many, and it has a wonderful angel in it.
Two guys catching up.

Moving on to the lovely city of Tyler, We spent the night with long-time friends. We've known these wonderful people several decades...since we had babies....and now our kids are grown.

 Tyler, Texas is famous for the Azalea Tour and we drove the tour, even though it is a bit early, but we saw beautiful gardens. If you haven't been to Tyler during the spring, go.

While I was away, Clue into Kindness soared to number one on Amazon. It was free during those two days, and I was thrilled to see a number one in two different categories.  Did you get your copy?


2.99 on Amazon
Later, I've got more news, but the hour is late, and I've got a birthday party to attend. Glad it isn't mine!
Keep smiling!

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