Friday, September 4, 2015

Gay's Days September 4, 2015

Now that our Houston weather has cooled to 73F in the mornings, I've resumed walking in my neighborhood, and it is more enjoyable than the dreaded treadmill.
Have you noticed the variety of morning skies?  
Each one starts out with similarities, but each has a uniqueness too. 
I'm reminded of how we begin our day.
We have normal routines, but we never know what the hours will bring.
Our challenge is to meet each day with hope.
Trusting God to guide us through whatever comes our way.
Before sunrise, I began one morning this past week.
 I turned around to glance my home as I left.
Some days, even though light comes to Earth,
our personal lives have darkness and grief. We long for daybreak.

The next day, I started a little later and caught the morning moon over my house.
Sometimes the moon is visible during the morning, and again often it isn't.
Kind of like life.
At times we can see and understand a situation more clearly than at other times.

Yet another morning this week, I captured beautiful clouds. Scattered showers were approaching. They came and went during the day. Nothing major.
We have events like that in life too, don't we? 
Showers are far better than the hurricanes, floods, fires, and utter devastation.
Those trials come our way too.
Today a golden sunrise.
Always hopeful. Scripture promises a day when the Lord will return.
Won't it be awesome to see Him coming in the clouds at a golden daybreak?
These pictures were taken in my neighborhood this past week.
They share similarities, but each one is different.
Let's be thankful for each one.
Even the bad days.
 "Just as you trusted Christ to save you, trust Him too, for each day's problems;
live in vial union with Him."
 Colossians 2:6. Living Bible

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