Monday, August 31, 2015

Gay's Days August 31, 2015

Miscommunication leads to misunderstanding.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were on one page in a conversation and the listener was on another?
I have.

I had an experience recently where several people in the room weren’t even in the same book as me. Boy! Talk about misunderstanding. I’m still wondering how it all happened.

The heartache the event brought to me and the others is indescribable. I find myself wishing I could be a hermit and never become misunderstood again. If I never spoke or wrote another word, I would spare myself and others of pain.

Maybe, but that isn’t possible. And my DNA dictates me to be an extrovert, wordy, outgoing, and friendly.  I’ve spent the last few days asking God why he made me as I am. God directed me to the many passages in Scripture that talk about the potter and the clay.
Just as a potter makes a vessel, He made me. I mar myself with my own sinful choices, but He mends me.

I’m a work in progress. Am I sad when I’m misunderstood? You betcha!  Do I often forget to take my zip lip pills? Yep. Sure do. Do I have the gift of peacemaking? Not hardly. Am I sorry an unintentional misunderstanding caused distress to me and others? YES! Do I wish I could edit words before speaking? CERTAINLY!
Have you ever had experiences and thoughts such as the ones I've expressed? Did the circumstances ever dissolve into peaceful solutions?

If you find yourself in the same boat as me, I pray that with time our heartaches will be healed.


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