Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 Heat Record approaches in Texas

Heat is usual for summer and abounds in many places, and it is normal for Texas, but this year, we have extra.  Aren't we blessed?  Today we may break a record set back in 1962. 
Here's the temp when I returned to my car from a trip into a store.
I'd left a bottle of water in it and brewed tea when I got back in. Of course, I'd prefer it iced with lots of lemon and sugar, but you take what you can get.
I've heard that some people down here in South Texas, the hens are laying hard boiled eggs.
If the eggs don't arrive ready to eat, you can fry them on pavement.
Have you seen a cartoon on the Internet about Texas? God is gazing into an oven with an angel looking over His shoulder.  "What are you cooking?"
God answers the angel, "Texas."
If you thought politics was heating up, you haven't been to Texas. Those politicians are cool compared to our days and nights.
A visitor to Texas once remarked, "it feels like Hell here."
The Texan replied, "Oh? You've been there?"
In the Gulf of Mexico, fisherman are catching baked fish.
The little angel in my books doesn't have a halo sitting on her head, but if she did, it would burn her blonde curls brown.
When Sarah visits Houston, she touches the freckle on her left wrist and adjusts her internal temperature. I often wish I could do that.  Like Sarah, figuring out human technology is a mystery to me. We have a music system with all sorts of players hooked to a central unit. I wanted to listen to a really old phonograph record yesterday but couldn't figure out how to turn the thing on.
Have you ever heard the song, "God's Choir" sung by the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas? Several groups on You Tube sing one with that title, but it isn't the same song.  I have it on an old recording, but I have no idea how to listen to it.
The song is based on Revelation 5:11. Thousands of angels sing, and translators estimate the number to be more than a million!  By the way, there are four new songs we'll sing in Heaven in that chapter.  As believers,  are all going to be part of God's Choir.
Sarah, my fictional angel, isn't much of a singer, but she plays the harp and keyboard. Musical instruments are mentioned in this chapter in Revelation about our future too. 

Sarah plays a pipe organ in Sarah and a Dad for Mandy.
One thing, I'm sure of, is that when we all get up there, it won't be hot!!
But we are here below this day in Texas.
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