Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12. New Release

Whew!  This day finally arrived! 
You can't imagine how many pins and needles I've been sitting on while I waited.
Amazon released the print book on June 9, and today, June 12, the eBook is here.

It's also available from other booksellers.
Several lovely authors are hosting me on their blogs today, and each one has different excerpts from the book.  The authors also interviewed me, and I tried to share stuff you might not have heard before.  Please stop by these blogs and say hello. I'd be honored if you did.
Here are a few additional excerpts
    "We don’t order many pairs that small. Let me check and I’ll be right back.”
Humans considered a size five small for a female’s foot? Well, she could easily remedy that. Sarah blinked at her tootsies and they grew to a size nine. She really wanted to try those red stilettos.
Another one
Nick’s laugh rang out, deep and melodious. “No. Tradition of the islands says fair maidens should be kissed at midnight.”
“I didn’t read that in any brochure. You’re making that up.”
“No, kissing on a ship at midnight with an island as a backdrop is a new ritual.”
“Oh, really. Whose?”
“Mine. I just established it.”
 Oops! Nick made a mistake. Check this excerpt out.
That man said he attended the show and saw Ash kiss you. He said you enjoyed it.”
Carolyn tapped her foot. “Who are you going to believe? That stranger or me?”
Nick glowered down at her but said nothing for a few seconds. “You, I guess.”
“Goodbye, Nick. That answer took too long, and it was the wrong one anyway.” Carolyn turned on her heel and swiftly left the store.
I had fun writing this story. Actually, it is partially based on a personal experience. When my dad died, I took a cruise to Catalina Island and found it therapeutic. The airline lost my luggage, and of course, that happens to Caroline, the heroine too. The tour of the Island is one of my favorite memories. When I find my photos, I'll share them with you.
Another friend toured an art gallery while in Catalina and the electricity went off. Yep, that's in there too.
You never know what an author might use when they hear a story.
Have you been? You should go.

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