Monday, June 17, 2013

Tears on Father's Day


 Tears. They wash the eyes and the heart.

They take the place of words. When verbal communication fails, our physiological system takes over and tears flow. Even when we try to stem the tide, the release comes.

 Most of us wish to prevent this event, but why should we attempt to halt the natural progression the Almighty created within us?

 God takes note of our weeping. In Psalm 56:8, He tells us he records them in his Book. In Revelation 21:4, God promises to “wipe every tear from every eye.  There will be no more death, crying or pain.”

Since God considers our tears important enough to write each one down, why are we embarrassed by them? Tears care not who sees them. They have no shame.
Jesus wept. John 11:35. It’s the shortest verse in the Bible.

Yesterday, Sunday, June 16, 2013 was Father’s Day.  Many tears streamed down cheeks as the young and old thought of and acknowledged their dad. Some cried tears of joy because their father still lives on the Earth and many wept because their dad is no longer here with them.

A few sons and daughters realized that this would be the last Father’s Day they would share with their dad. How could tears not pour down in this instance?
Others wept because they grew up without knowing the man who fathered them.

Don’t be afraid to cry. Joy, emotional pain, physical suffering, or anger, tears are a gift from God.  Father’s Day reminds us of love and love sometimes causes tears.
Our Heavenly Father welcomes our tears.


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