Monday, June 3, 2013


ACTS of Prayer

Someone once said prayer should be ACTS. If I knew who gave this prayer tool, I’d give him or her credit for this helpful tidbit, but since I only remember the acronym, I’ll share that with you.

A             Adoration.  Pray with praise.

C             Confession. Seek forgiveness for yourself and others.

T              Thanksgiving. Always find a word of gratitude for blessings.

S              Supplication. Seeking  Intercession for others.

 Now to ACTS.

*      A.  Holy God you are eternal and there is no one like You.

*      C.  You know my sin. Forgive me. Forgive the sins of my nation. They are also many.

*      T.  Thank you for the rain and cool breeze this morning.

*       S.  Here’s a few of the hurting I ask your favor upon.

                                The little boy fighting for life from a rattlesnake bite.

                                A mother waiting for results of a breast biopsy.

                                A friend You welcomed into heaven. Her family and friends need comfort.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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