Monday, June 10, 2013

My Husband's Old Friend



A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.

Charles Spurgeon

I bought the Bible in the picture about twenty years ago to use in the video I produced, Psalms from the Mountains.  My spouse liked the size of it, and after the filming ceased, he claimed it for his own. This time-honored book is the first thing he reads when he rises each morning. When he leaves for work, it goes with him. As he sits in his favorite chair, his Bible rests on the end table. His old friend is easily assessable and always by his side.

The aged companion is worn out, but this friend is irreplaceable to him. The pages fall out and almost every verse is underlined. I’ve bought new ones, but alas, the alternatives go back to the store. In desperation to preserve her dad’s treasure, our daughter gave him a folder for it so he wouldn’t lose the leaves of paper.

Other friends exist in our home. From where I sit, I count fourteen of them—Bibles in various vintages and translations. I think one of them is in the Greek language, and believe me, that one receives little attention. If I leave my computer and go to other areas, I would find more. My favorite friend sits beside my preferred chair in the living room. It too is well worn and will soon have sheets falling from the binder.

I know one family who assign their Bibles to the car so they will know where they are when Sunday comes around. Others I’m acquainted with have none at all in their possession.

Our church gives Bibles to young people, and we offer them to the less fortunate who can’t afford to purchase one.

The Bible possesses the answers to life and is the dearest treasure anyone can have. Is the one you own as dear as an Old Friend?

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