Monday, May 6, 2013

An excerpt from Sarah: Laney’s Angel
Release Date:  May 22, 2013

If you read book one, Sarah: A Mission of Love, you know Sarah easily becomes lost.  When she left The Heavenlies for this mission to Houston to help Laney, she ended up in Dallas by mistake.
In the scene below, Sarah returned to her cloud after falling into the lap of a diner at a restaurant. Those adorable red shoes proved too much challenge for an angel who flies and seldom walks.
From Chapter Seven

Because of her debacle at the restaurant, Sarah wanted to crawl under her cloud and hide—instead she sat on top of it and brooded.

Merciful heavens! The accident boosted her reputation for goof-ups and caused glee among the angels. She heard them twitter above her. And to top it off, the Lieutenant might give her a serious mark in the permanent file.

As much as she wanted to give up and quit, the desire to succeed increased. Deciding not to yield to despair, she called for Tomas. When he appeared, his self-confidence struck awe in her. Wonder if he ever made a mistake in his entire existence? Would she ever achieve such aplomb?

“What is it Sarah? I can only spend a few minutes from my charge. He plots malicious intent and I need to keep an eye on him.”

“I’d like to check on Cannon to see what he thinks of Laney, but it’s dark, and I don’t know how to find his condo. I’ll get lost if I strike out on my own. Will you help me?”

Tomas nodded. “This is what you do. See the Southwest Freeway over there?” He pointed out the proper course. “Follow it to Highway six, and then turn left. You do know how to tell left from right, don’t you?”

“Left is on the same side as my heart.”

“True.” Tomas sighed and then grinned as if a new concept suddenly came to him. “Place your hand over your heart. Then you can make sure which way is left and fly that sequence. His dwelling is at the end. Employ your super-vision.”

Once Tomas could tell Sarah’s eyesight focused, he pointed to Cannon’s place in the far distance. “Do you see it? There on the top floor?”

“Yes. Thanks, Tomas. Maybe I can do something to help you someday.”

“You never know. Possibly you can.” Tomas disappeared.


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