Monday, May 13, 2013


Sarah: Laney's Angel will be released May 22.

Tomas, the Warrior Angel receives an assignment to protect Laney from the stalker.  Sarah's job is to bring romance to Cannon and Laney. 

An excerpt from Chapter Nine
Sarah: Laney's Angel

Tomas reviewed the previous day’s activities, making sure he’d missed nothing. The Evil One had sat in his rented ride, spying on the apartment from the adjacent parking lot all of yesterday.

The two watched a lady enter with grocery bags. From the Evil One’s expression, Tomas knew the wicked man should figure that one of the two women inside the apartment must be Laney Taylor. Was it the one who needed crutches? He probably guessed so, but he required additional research. The Evil One needed to be certain.

No use in killing the wrong woman.


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