Monday, April 29, 2013

Have you buttered your mate today?

Zig Zigglar once said, “Your mate doesn’t live by bread alone.  He or she needs to be ‘buttered up’ from time to time.”

Words of encouragement and praise are found in romance stories.  The unwed heroine thinks of her man as a macho hunk and quite capable of jumping hurdles for her. The hero sees his sweetheart as a gorgeous woman who will complete his life. These two fictional characters set about to do and say the right thing to endear themselves to each other. As the romance develops, they communicate ardent thoughts and deeds. It’s all part of the romance dance.

The waltz between the fictional lovers reigns as a reason women (and many men) enjoy romance novels.  During the humdrum of daily marriage, a man or woman may not receive needed words of encouragement. Escaping into a book brings them the oohs and aahs they yearn for in real life.

Never take your spouse for granted. He or she may long for a word of praise this very day. Did you tell your hubby he looked handsome when he left for work this morning? Any idea how long it took your wife to make that special meal last night? A genuine word of praise can be a romantic balm to a spouse—have you given one lately?

Butter may not be a nutritious ingredient for one’s cholesterol, but genuine compliments are healthy for a hungry spirit.


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