Monday, April 8, 2013

Cemeteries invoke emotions

Cemeteries invoke emotions.
At the gathering date of a burial, sadness prevails—a normal reaction during the recent loss of a loved one. As I attend the funeral of a long-time friend this week, I’m once more reminded of this fact.
As time progresses, visiting the site where we left that special person often brings comfort.
Miss the loved one?  Of course—but as Christians, we know the body remains below but the spirit continues above with the Lord.
Even a burial ground where you aren’t acquainted with the remains can summon peace. There’s something tranquil about them.   When standing in a cemetery, you stand on holy ground.
God tells us each person is appointed to die. A burial home of some kind awaits us.
Only one is not in a place like this. Jesus
He experienced the tomb for three days and then arose, never to die again.  Those of us who perish before His return will have bodies suppressed in a location like this. We will meet Him in the air when He returns.
Celebrate Easter every day.
Thank God for His power.
Honor Him with your worship in church on Sunday in church.


  1. Amen, Sister! We are Easter people living in a Friday world.

  2. Great post, Gay. Good reminder of who we must follow.


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