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Sarah at Christmas

Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20, 2015 Editor's Review

A review from an editor.
Sarah and a Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island
by Delia Latham

Author Gay N. Lewis has tapped into something downright heavenly with her “Sarah” series, built around the adventures of one bumbling little Angel of Love. Sarah is a tad dyslexic, a smidgen impulsive, and one hundred percent adorable. Given the chance, she’ll wing her way straight into a reader’s heart. Well…chances are she’ll take a spill and land there, or try on a pair of stilettos and tumble in head first…but she will arrive, one way or another. In SARAH AND A MIDNIGHT CRUISE TO CATALINA ISLAND, Heaven’s reluctant little love angel boards a cruise ship to make love happen for lovely Carolyn Baker. The adorable emissary from “the Heavenlies” doesn’t deal well with the ocean, has a disastrous reaction to human medication, and hasn’t a clue which of the two men vying for Carolyn’s attention is “The One.” On top of all that, a dark spirit is on board as well, and the nasty creature’s task is to see that Sarah’s assignment fails. It’s a rollicking ride on the open sea, as Sarah keeps readers thoroughly entertained with one mishap after another, all of which somehow become the ingredients to another successful mission. Lewis has a flair for twisting plots and capturing hearts, and when she brings Sarah along, it’s a guaranteed literary joy ride. This series is not to be missed by readers who love romance, humor, clean Christian story lines—and, of course, angels with slightly crooked haloes.