Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mothers Not Birthing People


Women are females and they can be mothers.  I'm fortunate to be both...female and mother. I'm not gonna call myself a birthing person. 

What's a little guy like the one pictured supposed to call a "birthing person?"  They can't pronounce words well as they learn to speak. If the mom says to him, "I'm your birthing person," the child would probably call her "Birper."  That would make the woman sound like she had too much gas in the tummy and was constantly expelling it. As in Burp, burp, burp.

Mom is a great name.  "Mama." is usually a child's first words. Hearing it for the first time thrills a mom's heart.

A lot of women can't be birthing persons. Their body and health won't allow it. What are they to be called? "Nonbirthing Persons?" This day we set aside to honor mothers is difficult for those who can't give birth.

Most women are nurturers, and even if they don't have an offspring, they naturally respond to children. What would we do without the ladies who can't be a birthing person? The aunts, teachers, neighbors who long for a child, but their body said, "sorry, no."  I've seen many of these dear females give of themselves to someone else\'s child.

 Anna Jarvis began a “Mother’s Work Day.” way back in 1908. The day became "Mother's Day." The day turned into a commercial one, and Anna came to resent the day. It became a money maker, and she regretted making it famous.

Anna Jarvis loved her mother dearly, and there's no way on earth, heaven, or the other place that she'd say to her mom, "Hi birthing person. I love you."

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