Monday, December 7, 2020

Long Term Care Facilities.

 Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Nursing homes are accommodations where we pay large sums of monies to incarcerate our loved ones.

People don't imprison their relatives intentionally, of course.  I certainly didn't. Most, like me, must place our sweethearts in care facilities because we can no longer care for them ourselves.

However, no one knew Covid-19 would come along, and our flesh and blood would be kept from us. Isolation is for their own good, we are told, and to an extent, this is true. But isolation kills too!

Residents in these facilities are declining due to the shutdown. A lack of cognitive skills prevent them from understanding the circumstances. They'll ask, "Why can't you come inside and give me a hug?"  Such questions continue. One after the other.

Jail time in these facilities is expensive. Not only in money, but to the hurt and harm of the sweethearts in these necessary care places. 

Our daughter lives in one. I wrote an article about the isolation in Texas Hill Country. Dementia and Alzheimers are cruel diseases. 

It's past the time to find a cure. 


  1. Hi Gay,

    I know it is difficult and I wish it wasn’t so. But scientists are working on a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.. Hopefully, the pandemic will be controlled with the vaccine and you can see your daughter again.


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