Saturday, November 14, 2020

A Magical Makeover


Have you eaten too much lately? 
The shutdown has many of us to do that.

Salons have been closed.
 Getting haircuts and colors have been a challenge.
Gyms haven't  been open, either.

We need help.

We need a makeover.

Valerie doesn't have the pandemic as an excuse for letting herself go.
Her father is a bully, and she believes him when he tells her she'll never amount to anything.

Since her dad doesn't like her and wants her out of his house, he pushes her to become an elementary teacher. Valerie loves her kids and calls them "my littles." After school, she hides and eats.

Sarah, the well-meaning, dyslexic angel, is sent to help Valerie. Sarah loves human clothes and shoes. She really adores stilettoes. But she can't walk in them. Angels go barefoot, but since she's here to help Valerie become a stylish woman, maybe this time she'll learn to walk in them. (Don't count on it!)

After much finagling, Sarah becomes Valerie's roommate and talks her into a gym membership.  

In the heavenly realm, exercise isn't needed. Working out as humans do is an oddity.  Sarah falls off the treadmill and floats barbells.

Sarah, who never diets and is always hungry, takes Valerie to a hair salon. When the stylist brings out brown hair color that looks like caramel pudding, Sarah eats the dye! But the horror of all horrors, is when she glues Valerie's dad's lips together. He can't bully Valerie with his mouth shut, right?

Will Sarah get into trouble for these antics?

Will Valerie overcome her low self-image? 

Can Sarah find a man for Valerie?
A man who will love Valerie because she's worthy to be loved?

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