Tuesday, November 10, 2020

A Colorful World

 We are a world of many colors and cultures. God is an engineering genius! Think about what God did. He made us a bunch of collective snowflakes. No two snowflakes are alike, and neither are we.

Of course, we share similarities, but our differences make us unique and the variations are what we use to help each other.

We can't be all things to a person, but we can use our talents and skills to assist someone. I can't treat your medical condition, but I might make you laugh. I can entertain you with my stories and shore up a sad countenance. Someone else is able to cook you a scrumptious meal.

As we returned from the market last week, a tire blew out on our vehicle.  My hubby knows how to change these things, but he didn't know where to find the tire or necessary equipment on his new Silverado truck. We pulled into a parking lot and called Roadside Assistance.

Two gentleman stopped to see if we were okay and if they could help us. Nice, right?

Here we sat, a couple of older, white people in a disabled truck, and two young men of color stopped to assist.

The first man jumped out of his truck and came to our window. Such a kind man!  After making sure we were okay, he left.  About twenty minutes later, the second man stopped to check on us.

How refreshing!  They were both young, strong, and knew how to change a tire on our truck, but we'd already called for assistance.

We live in a time of racial upheaval. Businesses across America are boarding windows in preparation for riots and looting.  Many have already been vandalized.

The participants aren't one skin color. Photos show a collage of skin pigments. Partakers are making choices to break laws and hurt people. The rioters don't care about the skin color of those they hurt. They show no respect for person or property.  These folks are bullies as they express their opinions on social and political matters, Skin tone of others is incidental. Many break and enter merely to steal items.

 But one day last week, it was uplifting to see men who had no racial bias. Two men who saw no skin color and wanted to help a couple with a need.

A positive reinforcement in God's colorful world.

Faith and Humor

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