Thursday, October 8, 2020

Pumpkin Time

 That time of year is here again!

And that means cooler temperatures!  Yay!

Down here in Houston, it will only be 90 degrees today 
That's Fahrenheit. 
What is that in Celsius? About 38?

As the weather cools, I usually decorate for fall.


I haven't begun yet to get out my decorations. Many neighbors have interesting stuff out. Some do pumpkins, others are definitely into Halloween.  

Skeletons abound. 

don't do the Halloween stuff.  I once dressed up as a witch. With my long, black dress, pointy hat and white hair, I looked real.  

For months after the "trick-or-treat" time, 
kids would go by my house and say, 
"That's where the witch lives."  

I don't want to be remembered as a witch, 
so I quit all Halloween craziness.

Now we do trees, pumpkins, fruit, 
and scarecrows.

What do you plan to place inside and outside?

Lots of choices.

Choose this one.

Or this one

Choices are wonderful, aren't they?  
I wrote a book about them. Mattie's Choice

Dear, sweet Mattie. Other than her blue dress,
She didn't choose too well, but that's okay. She makes better choices as she goes along.

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