Monday, September 9, 2019

Houston: A Romantic City

Houston is huge.

According to Top Five Anything
Houston is the 4th largest city
in the United States.
We have 1.494 persons per square mile
2.099 million people.

I took this picture recently as we flew into Houston Hobby from Denver. Now get this! My phone gave me the street address we were flying over. How about those apples? Odd, right?  When I'm on the ground and ask the GPS where I am, the thing tells me, but from the air? Wow! If I'd taken the picture a few minutes earlier, I would have been over my own neighborhood.  

The picture taken from the airplane window is near the Memorial area of Houston, and the dark areas are a park. When I produced professional videos, I took a team to that very spot. We captured fantastic shots of nature.

Back in the day, when kids were young, we frequented Herman Park. It's near the medical complex.

It's a large, beautiful, open space.

When my daughters were small, we'd wander through the zoo and ride the train around the park before we came home. They looked forward to the treat. 

As we rode the train, we often saw couples sitting on blankets enjoying the day and each other. The park can accomodate thousands at the same time, and the Houston vistas lend themselves to romance. Even with the drastic, summer heat, Houston is a romantic city. 

I've written more than a dozen books and most are set in this huge city. All my books have couples who fall in love. Most marry and live happily-ever-after in Housotn.

You know what I wish?

I wish these 2.099 million Houstonians would  buy my books!

Poopty doopty!!!!

I'd be thrilled if one million Houston residents bought a Gay N. Lewis book.

Merciful heavens!!!!

I'd be beyond bliss if a mere thousand people who visit Herman Park today would buy my books.

Of course, if they did, you'd probably read my obituary in the Houston Chronicle. 

I'd be dead from sheer joy and excitement.

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