Tuesday, February 20, 2018

God of Consequences

We make choices and face consequences, right?

Every action has a reaction.

Good and bad live together.

Not all choices are sinful.

Not all consequences are a result of sin.

Now here's the thing.
The King of Kings and Lord is Ruler of all.

I've always struggled with guilt over my actions and reactions. Some were sin, some were not. I know that God, through Jesus, is the Forgiver of sins. He washes them away and remembers them no more.

True!  Great!  Amazing!

But what about the consequences of sin or wrong decisions? I see instances in the Bible where people lived with the consequences of their choice. I see it today.

And that thought or realization is a real downer.

It dawned on me recently that since Jesus is powerful enough to forgive sins and correct bad decisions, He is also has the authority to remove consequences.

Why hadn't I thought of that before?

If you are suffering from the consequences of wrong choices, have you asked him to forgive the action and remove the consequences?

Now here's something to consider. Some choices go against the laws of nature. For instance, if I overeat, I gain weight. I've often asked Him to remove the consequences of one meal,  and He did. If I continue to eat too much, the natural consequences occur. I'm gonna see bigger numbers on the scale. When I ask Him to help me with food choices, Bingo! He will. Done deal.

He may not remove all consequences of sin or off the beam health or business decisions, but it never hurts to ask.

And remember He has the Power to do it. 

He's also loving, kind and gracious. He wants the best for us, and sometimes the best for us might be consequences. At least for a season.

And I'm praying for a short season!

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