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Gay's Days "The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia"

Recently I was selected by Rachel A. James to answer four questions about my work in progress, and I’m happy to do that, but first, I want to introduce you to Rachel.

Rachel is a newly signed author with Prism Book Group, and her first novel to be published by Prism Book Group is The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia.


I’ve read the book and loved it. To be honest, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. My normal selections for romance don’t include medieval times, but I’m happy I made an exception with this book. I naturally love Christian stories, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Even the war scenes that take place or tastefully done—a feat every Christian author finds daunting.
The short blurb that appears on Amazon says this. “It is 616AD, and one fatal night the ancient Kingdom of Elmetia falls. Saxons kill the Elmetian King, and capture Princess Teagen.
Teagen poses as a slave girl and works for the Saxons in the Kingdom of Deira, until she discovers her brother is alive. She finds a way to escape, and her path crosses with Ryce the Warrior.

Struggling with his past and angry against the tyrant Saxon king, Ryce helps the princess in pursuit of her brother. But just as the connection between them intensifies, obstacles get in their way. The Saxon king now wants vengeance, and will stop at nothing to get it.”

What the blurb doesn’t tell you is that Princess Teagen is a mere child when her father is killed. This child changes garments with a peasant to conceal her identity. When the Saxons find the dead child clothed in sumptuous garments, they assume they’ve killed the princess.  The story takes us through the harrowing experiences of Taegen’s rags to riches.

Here’s a few reviews left on Amazon.
Niccie wrote:

A wonderful book of loss, family love and true identity and future destiny restored! Rachel A. James is a talented new author who captures every detail of an ancient era, and brings it to life for the present day reader. Rachel's style of writing draws you deep into the complex world of Teagen, a Princess living captured in a world far removed from her royal position; while carefully guiding you through the plot. The author's ability to provoke emotion, helps you to become immediately connected to the characters and their individual journey's. I couldn't wait to read on!

Susan M. Baganz had the following to say:

 “I was amazed at the amount of research this author put into her story and I believe that women, young and old will enjoy the tale of this Princess and her struggle not only for freedom for her and her people, but also for her own identity and for love, will grip the heart of any princess-tale loving little girl who still lives in many women.  I look forward to reading the sequel when it comes out next year!

 Elizabeth wrote these words:

“I really enjoyed reading 'The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia'. It had the perfect balance of romance and action with the story taking place in a fascinating historical setting. The characters were diverse and interesting, I really became engrossed in the book and enjoyed reading every chapter.

A.E. Sellers read and reviewed the book this way:

“This isn't the type of novel that I would normally read so I was unsure as to how I would get on with it. However, I was very pleasantly surprised! I quickly warmed to the main character of Teagan, who, having endured tragedy in her life, takes the reader on a journey of hope, faith and love. Warrior Ryce, the hero of the story, struggles with his past actions and when his past and present collide he has some important decision making to do.Well done Rachel A. James on you first novel, I look forward to reading the next!”

Ms. James continues to write and now works on The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia,  The Last Princess of Meigen, and a third novel, The Secret Princess of Lindes.

I believe we will enjoy these princess stories. Ms. James loves Christian romance and history, and the two make a wonderful combination

 Author Rachel A. James
You can find more information about Rachel on her blog.

 Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island
Rachel challenged me to four questions.

What are you working on?

Sarah is out in the middle of the Pacific, on a boat, and she’s worried she can’t swim. She’s afraid if the boat sinks, she'll drown.  She doesn’t know if angels can swim…something she neglected to learn before undertaking this mission.  And what do to do with soggy wings?  What if she has a Jonah experience? This thought gives another cause for worry. While on earth, she’s often a klutz and doesn’t know how to attend to mortal things. Sarah has united men and women before, but this time she is given a challenge. An evil spirit dogs her wings and she has enough problems without the wicked one throwing new dilemmas her way.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I write fantasy from an angel’s point of view.  We view the situations through Sarah's eyes.

Why do I write what I do?

My angel series gives me an opportunity to express humor and teach Christian concepts in an entertaining way.

How does my writing process work?
Ideas come to me and I sit down at the computer and begin. Many of the characters show up in each Sarah book.  Mother Goodness, Celeste, Tomas and Christian usually make an appearance, and I enjoy bringing them into the mix.
Prism Book Group has now released these three novellas are featured in one book.
Sarah and the Internet Dating Service
Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel
Sarah and a Dad for Mandy
For your convenience, you can now read all three interdependent novellas under one cover.
Sarah & Three Times a Charm
 Many reader prefer paperback, and the publisher decided to bundle these three novellas into one book and make it available in paperback.  I prefer a “real book” myself.  You can find my other books in print, and two of my books are available in audio. Sarah a Mission of Love, and Sarah: Laney's Angel.

Now I’m challenging Claire Sanders to tell us about her work in progress. You can find her answers on her FB page.

Claire Sanders has written several books, and I like them all. One of my favorites is A Thousand Little Blessings.
 Product Details

Henrietta Davis wants to please her father. It’s no secret Henry Davis had hoped for a son who would one day assume his position as president of Davis Bank and Trust, so after graduating from college, Etta returns to her home in Burnet, Texas to work as her father’s unpaid assistant. But try as she might, she cannot live up to her father’s expectations. It’s 1919, and a woman can’t become president of a bank.

But then tragedy befalls. Uncertain and grief-stricken, Henrietta Davis must find the courage to take over her father’s position as bank president and find the embezzler who is slowly ruining her family’s business and good name.  

Here's the review I left on Amazon.

"I neglected sleep. I ignored chores. "Just one more chapter," I'd promise myself. I needed to find out what happened to Etta and Gabriel. They were right for each other, but she had a bank to run and a thief to find. He needed to forgive himself for the atrocities of war he'd endured at the battle at St. Etienne in France in WWI. This book, set in 1919, has tidbits of history that will fascinate you. I found out why a truck is called a pickup, and the high, dangerous speed of the day was forty miles an hour! You will enjoy this book. Claire Sanders did a good job telling this story. The plots and subplots are woven together in an entertaining fashion."



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