Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gay's Days December 11, 2014

When I wrote the novella, Sarah and the Internet Dating Service, I needed help.  Lots of help. I've never met or needed to meet anyone on a dating service.
When I married, dating services didn't exist, but several family members encountered mates on one in later years. Two daughters are happily married via a service, and my nephew, James Heffington Jr. and his lovely wife Kim also fall into that category.
At the time of their introduction, James lived in Bryan, Texas, and he was pastor of a local Baptist Church while his future intended, Kim, worked in Dallas. Both had attended Baylor University in Waco in earlier years, but they hadn't run across each other during those days. 
When they connected through the convenience of cyber space, they each drove to Waco for the first date. And as they say, 'the rest is history.'
When I wanted information about how a Internet Dating Service worked, I called James and Kim. They graciously shared their experience with me, and I'm grateful they did. Sarah and the Internet Dating Service is one of the three novellas bundled into Sarah and Three Times a Charm. Many have written to say how much they enjoy the story of Sarah connecting a couple with the aid of a computer. Lives touch other lives, and we all hope God is blessed by our efforts.
Here's pictures of James and Kim on their happy wedding day.
James and Kim now have two sweet children. A son who looks like his handsome dad, and a daughter who is a carbon copy of her beautiful mom.
You'll find an acknowledgment to James and Kim in this book.
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From the Acknowledgment Page
Since I’ve been married for eons, I have never personally experienced an Internet Dating Service. My nephew and his wife walked me through the process. They found each other on one and sing the praises of such sites. James and Kim Heffington Jr, thank you for the help. I couldn’t have written Sarah and the Internet Dating Service without your familiarity of such things. James, Kim, and their two children live in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and James is pastor of the Harwood Terrace Baptist Church in Bedford, Texas. You can find them on Facebook, and check out their Simple Christian Living page on Facebook.
If you prefer to purchase the novella, Sarah and the Internet Dating Service,
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