Monday, November 24, 2014

Gay's Days, November 24, 2014 Ready for Thanksgiving.

We held a meet and greet for the new neighbors last week, and I forgot to take pictures!  Oh well. The camera was on my list, but between welcoming guests and making sure people had cake and coffee, I forgot to take photos of the visitors.

I decorated the house for Thanksgiving and thought you might want to see a few places in my house.

The rule of thumb in decorating is to group in odd numbers and keep scale in mind. If the space is tall, items that are mere inches get lost if not accompanied by larger items.  Vary heights with your.  articles. When thinking of composition and heights of objects, remember to use the "W" or the "M."  For instance, if I drew a line starting at the bottom of the left side of the basket of fruit in the above picture, went up and back down, up, and down, I would have an "M." Continue the up and down to contrast elevations.

I miss assisting clients with their homes, but I'm enjoying writing about Sarah too. In the second book of the Sarah Series, her assignment is Laney, an architect and designer. Sarah needs to match Laney up with her stubborn boss, and this leads to hilarious mishaps. Sarah: Laney's Angel is available in eBook, print, and audio.  You'll find uplifting moments and a few ideas in this book.

We have a smattering of family coming for Thanksgiving, and I wish they all could be here. Some are required to work on holidays. Bummer. Two have sickness.  What are you doing for the day? Gathering at your house or going to another's?  Either way, my prayer is for you to have a blessed one.

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