Monday, July 29, 2013

The H.O.P.E Vitamins

The  H.O.P.E. Vitamins for Healthy Living
Prescription:  Take Daily. 
·         H             Take a daily amount of humor. To have better mental, spiritual, and physical health, laugh often.  From a slight titter to an all-out guffaw, laugher improves wellbeing.  The entire body responds with this physical phenomenon. Shoulders jiggle, lips reveal teeth, verbal sounds escape, and tension evaporates.  God gives us laugher from our early beginnings. Make a face at a baby and watch the wee one respond with a huge happy reaction.  Our natural rejoinder is to then do the same.  Laughter is contagious.
·         O             Include a daily dose of optimism. A person who maintains a positive outlook believes that everything in life will work itself out for the best. These people deliver a presence of assurance, self-confidence and enthusiasm. Many unbelievers are natural optimists.  How much more important for a believer to live with God, themselves, and their circumstances.
·         P             Don’t forget an amount of prayer. Scripture tells us to pray without ceasing. This communication with the Holy Father doesn’t require long dissertations. After all He already knows our circumstances, and he doesn’t need information, but He enjoys hearing from us. Short sentences uttered throughout the day to the One who lives within our hearts will keep us in harmony with Him. In this day and time we send simple, even abbreviated text messages to stay in touch with loved ones. Of course we enjoy long conversations with friends and family, but even a short message is a treasure.
·         E              Never overlook a measure of enjoyment.  Enjoy your work, your hobby, your family, your meals, and even a good night’s sleep. Never feel guilty over the pleasure these things bring you. Look for pleasure in each day’s living.

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