Monday, July 15, 2013

Question God?

Is it okay to question God?

In our Bible study class, we finished the book of Job. I was not looking forward to the survey and I confess that I’m happy it is over.  Having said that, let me hasten to say that the eight weeks we spent exploring Job’s pitiful existence gave me new insights—too many to share on this little blog post.

God allowed Job to suffer and never gave him an explanation for it.  Job wanted one and probably deserved one, but God withheld the answers.

Now here’s something important:  God allowed the questions.

The Almighty did not obliterate Job because he made requests and had doubts.

On a recent trip, we drove through Moore, Oklahoma.  In a matter of minutes, a tornado took lives and left devastation.  During past days, wild fires rage through our western states—taking homes and beings as the inferno consumes everything in its path.

Do these victims of sudden wreckage have questions?  Sure they do.  Do they have doubts? Countless—to be certain. Are some angry? Yes, probably so—and with good reason. Does God understand?  ABSOLUTELY!

One thing we know for certain. God allows misery, and although we may never fully understand why He does, several ideas come to mind.

Our miserable periods give Him an opportunity to reveal Himself to us. God gets involved with our turmoil. Suffering is His specialty. Remember the cross?

We learn from our distress and can use it to comfort others.

Without a doubt we know that we can’t trust ourselves during horrible situations beyond our control, and that we must trust Him.

As with Job, we can respond in a similar fashion.  Notice what Job said.

“Though He slay me, I will trust Him.” Job 13:15.

Ask God why. It’s okay. He welcomes questions and doubts.  He may not give the answers in this life—or even in the one to come—but He understands and cares about our pain.

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