Monday, December 31, 2012

For a Healthy New Year, Forgive

Sarah, my little angel who visits Earth from The Heavenlies, reminds me that there is perfect health where she lives, and that everyone up in her realm lives a forgiven life.
Now, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could experience those two elements down here? Healthy bodies…healthy minds….healthy relationships, healthy connections to God, wow!  What an amazing concept. Is it conceivable to have such things before we move our residence upward?
There are those who say such well-being is possible. When we exonerate a person for a perceived harm, physicians, ministers, and other professionals tell us we are healthier in all aspects. And consider this: a magnanimous spirit improves our relationship with the Almighty.  Gracious goodness! That should be enough incentive right there.

 Hmmm, all that sounds noble, doesn’t it? But how does one pardon pain and an injustice undeserved? Let go of negative thoughts? Why, the one who hurt us doesn’t deserve such a positive and sweet response.
Oh my!  Do we really want to let go of rage, bitterness, hate, retaliation, and a mandate to even the score?  If we do, the person who hurt us will get by with their evil deed, and they don’t deserve our amnesty—never in a million years—uh-oh, am I speaking of eternity here? What happens if we get to heaven with hatred in our heart? Is such a thing possible?
Even though Jesus forgave on the cross, many of us have never learned how to do the same. We waste His example. How can we learn from His model?

 Perhaps the first step in the process is to make a commitment to free ourselves from the pain another has caused. Okay, after we do that, what comes next? 
Fight the memories. When one comes to mind, replace the ugly thought with a constructive one. Sarah says, “If you bury the pain, don’t dig the heartache up again.”
Excellent advice from Sarah, but it’s difficult to do.  Seeking professional help is a good idea—the earthly and heavenly kind.  A human perspective helps, and a prayer for grace benefits us as well.
Okay, I guess we have our work cut out for us if we want to be physically and mentally fit in 2013.

Sarah wishes each of us a healthy New Year—the kind everyone in The Heavenlies has.




  1. Good advice. The way I deal with forgiveness issues is praying for the person I have a problem with. It's difficult to remain angry with someone when you're praying earnestly for them.

    1. Good thought and it should work, unless of course one prays that the person who hurt us falls off the face of the earth. LOL. I know Jacqueline means to pray for good to come to those who spitefully use us.

  2. You have nailed it! I've found through sad experience forgiveness helps me more than the person to whom it's extended.

    1. So true. I've found that I'm the one who is released.

  3. Believe me I know a bit about the struggle of forgiveness, but I concurred it and found that it's necessary- If we want a good relationship with Jesus.

    1. It's especially difficult to forgive when our spouse or children are the ones who have been hurt.


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