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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cars, Wagons, Trucks, SUV's, Vehicles

Remember the days of station wagons? You don't? Well, maybe you aren't old enough, but they are coming back. They look a bit like SUV's, but just a bit boxier.

2018 Flex Limited in Blue

I once had a station wagon. Loved it. It was a pretty shade of blue. A Pontiac from Gay Pontiac in Dickinson.  The name “Gay Pontiac” was on the back. They thought the nomenclature was good advertising back in the day.

The GM Pontiac brand has gone the way of the Dodo bird, but years ago, they were popular. 

The Gay family continues to buy and sell a variety of cars in Dickinson, Texas, just not Pontiacs. You can see the website by clicking on this link. The Gay family has been in the car business since 1948.  I didn't know them back then. That's not when we bought our wagon.

When hubby bought me the wagon, I told the Gay dealership it should say, “Gay’s Pontiac.”  After all, it was my car.

I wonder if they put their name on vehicles now.  People would laugh their heads off. Gay Buick, Gay Kia, Gay GMC, etc. Never-the-less, they are happy vehicles, even if the identity sounds funny.

The family name of Gay can bring a certain amount of teasing. Believe me, I know. I once introduced myself to a new female at a local gathering. I said, "I'm Gay." She replied, "So am I. Want to get together sometime?"

Needless to say, I hem hawed and then exited stage left.

When I became a published author, I had to use my middle initial, or a pen name. I decided to go with the one my mom gave me. When you type in Gay Lewis, you'll find a few of my books. You'll also find books about gay people. I don't think Amazon has any about gay cars, but there's lots of other gay stuff. If you want to see all my books, please use the full name. GAY N. LEWIS.

But I digress. Back to the wagon. My beautiful, sky blue, lovely, nine passenger vehicle.

Sigh. If you've read many of my blogs, you're familiar with my driving skills.


I wrecked my station wagon twice. Once was my fault and the other time wasn’t.

I have fond memories of that station wagon.