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Sarah at Christmas

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paper Work

 What is the deal with clutter? Why do I find it difficult to file important records away?

Wait! I reorganized files recently.  And now I can’t find essential documents.  Perhaps I should have left them scattered on the desk top, piled on the floor, and stacked on the printer. At least then I knew where they were.

Gurus have written articles that tell me creative people are messy. That bit of news made me feel better about my chaos. After all, I’m a creative gal, but is that an excuse for clutter?  Probably not. Could be that I’m just plain down right lazy. Would I work better with a clean and organized surface? I know I tried it once. Wonder how long ago that was? Can't remember.

Now that Sarah: Laney’s Angel is finished, I’ve started a third book about Sarah, and she’s so much more fun that organizing papers on my desk.  However, if I don’t clean up soon, no one will be able to find Sarah and me behind these stacks at the computer.

How do all you busy people handle the stuff waiting for a home?  Jacqueline Hopper, has an article on her blog that gives 10 tips for keeping a desk clean and tidy.

Excuse me, now while I go back and study it.  Check it out.