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Sarah at Christmas

Sarah at Christmas

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gay's Days in the rain.

I received this interesting email from a friend of mine who lives in North Texas. I thought the first paragraph was humorous and worth sharing.

“I realize that we have received more than our share of rain lately but we have been looking at the lake bottoms for a long time and it is good to know that they are becoming full for a change.  California would trade some of their fruits and nuts (oranges and almonds) for some of it. In the 1930's, folks were moving from Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas to California because their fertile ground had become the "Dust Bowl." California is so barren these days, the ancestors of those folks are thinking of moving back.”

Isn’t that an amusing assessment of how people tackle climate diversity?

North Texas as well as Oklahoma is suffering from multiple tornados this spring. I hate that for them. Ruin and desolation face many.

My friends in Austin and San Antonio are happy to receive rain. Those areas are dry and have huge cracks in the ground. Water is often rationed during summer. I hope the downpours improve those conditions.
I see friends on Facebook who live in Colorado as they shovel snow. Amazing.

Here in the Houston area, some of us are experiencing flooding conditions. Boats full of people  float down streets as they evacuate. Perhaps the travelers think of Noah as they leave homes behind.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if all areas of the earth would equal out with their needs? Everyone would have enough to eat, drink, and all essentials taken care of and no unhappiness existed?

Oh wait! When that happens, time on this planet ends and eternity begins. Until then, we cope with the challenges of daily life.

And to me, even during difficult days, time spent down here is worth it.

I've consumed my morning hours by working on my latest Sarah book. Here's a rough draft from today's writing.
From Sarah and a Party for Mackenzie

“I’d go to church if I didn’t have events scheduled, but I usually have one on weekends. Worship might be a good alternative for my loneliness.” He shrugged, glanced away and a slight blush appeared to his cheeks. “I’ve even considered one of those Internet dating sites. Not that I want to remarry, but a female companion would be nice. Ever try one of those sites?”

Sarah blinked rapidly. “Not for myself, but I tried to help a friend on one once. I’m not tech savvy and my assistance was more of a blunder.”

Robert’s chuckle sounded as though he’d seen a two year old child do a cute trick. “What happened?”

“I got emails mixed up and sent wrong messages to each of the possible suitors.”

Robert threw back his shoulders and roared. “That must have been a hoot.”

Okay my rambling is done. I was thinking of you all today and stopped my Sarah story to say hello. My wish for you today is that all of stay safe, dry, and happy.  Until later, have a good one!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gay's Days, May 12, 2015

Mother’s Day 2015

The day we honor our mom’s has come and gone.  I hope you had a good one. For some, it was a day of sadness…loneliness…regrets, but for some of us, the remembrance brought joy.

Sunday morning is a busy time in my house, so when hubby handed me the Houston Chronicle and said, “Here, read this article. It is a real tear-jerker.”

The clock read seven o’clock, and he was out the door as soon as he said it—his normal time to exit on Sunday. As the pastor of a small church, he has much to do when he arrives there.

Me? Well, I still was at the computer in my gown and robe trying to finish the Bible lesson I would soon teach.  I leave for church at nine and decided I didn’t have time to read a sad tale about a mother. Who wants that anyway?

Hubby and I read constantly. He loves non-fiction, and I adore fiction. What is it they say about opposites? Oh yeah, they find each other.

We had a lovely day. Our daughter took us to lunch after worship and we enjoyed the visit. That night, my hubby asked me if I’d read the article.

“No.  Not yet.”

“Gay! It only takes two seconds. I can’t believe you didn’t read it.”

“Why do I want to read something heart-rending? There’s enough of that without looking for it.”

“Read it. It’s poignant.”

And so I finally did.

I suggest you find it on the Houston Chronicle site, May 10, 2015, City/State page, written by Lisa Falkenberg, entitled. “She’s not a saint, superhero or motivational speaker—she’s Mom.”

My own mother was not a saint, superhero or speaker either. In fact, she refused to read or pray in public and often didn’t want to attend a Bible study for fear she’d be called upon to do so. Such things are normal for me.

In the article, Ms. Falkenberg writes that she and her mom’s relationship was like oil and water. Often mine was so with my mother. She wanted to cling to me and I ran like a maniac toward independence.

I’m thankful we spent the last ten years of her life in harmony. We truly loved each other and came to admire our differences.

I cut the article out.

As always, hubby was right.
I miss her.





Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gay's Days. April 30, 2015

Good morning friends,

I was tagged by Victoria Caine and Renee Blare to share 7 paragraphs from page 7 of a work in progress. Thanks ladies. Here goes.  Click on their names to take you to their Amazon links. They both are excellent authors.

 This is unedited from my angel series, Sarah and a Party for Mackenzie.

“I try a little guitar myself. Maybe you could give me a lesson. Would you perform something before you go?”

Oh boy! Just what she needed. Why did she show up with this instrument? She played a harp—for goodness sakes—not a guitar. And sing rock? No way. What to do now?

“Uh…no, don’t think so.”

“Aw, come on. I gave you directions. Let me hear you on that guitar. I’m stuck in here working and can’t go anywhere. Just one song.”

Sarah strapped the guitar to her body, bounced up and down as she listened to the beat of a silent drum and then let out a loud, strident howl. Wahagababa! The wail sounded similar to a wolf caterwauling with his paw caught in a trap. After the vocal introduction, she placed hands on the guitar and proceeded to strum the instrument to complete the effect. Wang! Twang! Plunk! Two strings popped loose. “Sorry. Need to fix that. Thanks for the map.” Turning, she ambled away.

“I hope no one is paying big bucks to hear that dude sing.” The clerk’s muttered words reached Sarah’s ears as she opened the door.
I don't have the cover yet to show you, but I know the designer will create a good one. I love the ones below. The image for Sarah is perfect. Don't you think? I didn't craft the poster below either, but I love it.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Gay's Days, April 27, 2015

My author and friend, Les Coalson featured me on his blog. We live in the same neighborhood along with another published author, and the three of us gather now and then to discuss our books.

I hope you'll drop by and see what Les has to say.

When a man says he likes my books, I'm honored. I had a guy tell me once he got a sermon idea from one of them. How cool is that?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gay's Days, April 16, 2015

Tax day came and went yesterday. Did you get yours into the ole IRS? They'll come calling if you didn't. We took our info and receipts to the CPA last January. Would you believe we still haven't heard from him? He's a good accountant, and a nice guy, but he sure doesn't show his clients much respect.  We've called and left messages numerous times. His gatekeeper said they were finished and on his desk for review. Hubby assures me that if we owed money, the man would have let us know.  I suppose he filed an extension....hope so anyway. I think it is time to find a new CPA, don't you? Sure is hard to get good customer service these days.

I promised you pictures of my yard, and now that the front bed is planted, here are the photos.

I named the angel Sarah. Can you guess why?


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gay's Days, April 12, Diets

I'm so hungry, I don't think a mere one piece would satisfy my appetite. Do any of you diet for weight loss? I start fresh everyday.  I love coconut cake, and this one is difficult to resist.

Did you see the article about Penn Jillette loosing 100 pounds in 100 days? The guy is amazing. He stands six feet and seven inches, and after the vanishing pounds, he really looks skinny.  He's a Vegas magician, but he made his waistline disappear by eating only 1000 calories a day.

Penn ate a lot of lettuce.  Check it out.

Forget the lettuce. Sure would like a piece of that cake up there.  How about you?

Did you have a good weekend? Eat anything fun? Healthy? Or did you enjoy junk food?

Sarah loves to eat, and as an angel in my books, she's always looking for cheeseburgers. They are a fav of mine too, but right now I want that cake. Sarah stays petite regardless of her mammoth appetite.

I send blessings your way and hope we all can achieve healthy results with our diets.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gay's Days, April 11, 2015

Hi everyone,

How's your Saturday? Mine is rainy down here in little ole Fulshear, TX. Clouds make the day cool, and I love that. The temperature has already soared to 85 F a few afternoons and it is only the second week in April.

Did I tell you I dread summer?

I spent the morning at the West Houston RWA meeting. (Romance Writers of America). After having family with me this week, I really needed to stay home and catch up. Couldn't do it. I wanted to hear Vicky Dreiling speak.

Boy! Am I happy I went. Vicky presented good information, and the group enjoyed interacting with each other.  Vicky writes wickedly, witty, historical, romance. Her books entertain and keep the reader awake until the wee hours of morning.

Authors learn a lot from each other, and these gatherings are beneficial. Food and coffee hit the spot also.
Thanks Vicky!

Vicky Dreiling

Flowers and shrubs will be planted later today in the front bed (as the sprinkles come down). I have my angel statue in place. Her name is Sarah, but I told you that, didn't I? Well, anyway, next week, I'll show you her picture.
Until then, ya'll have a good weekend!  Take time out to enjoy a good book. Try one of Vicky's, and if you see one of mine that you haven't read, pick one up. I'd like to introduce you to Sarah.