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Sarah at Christmas

Sarah at Christmas

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gay's Days Book Club!

Les Coalson speaks to Weston Lakes Book Club

Les Coalson, one of my neighbors, spoke at our book club and gave an amazing presentation. I was happy I left Sarah aside and attended. The latest Sarah book was due at the publisher, but Les is a friend and a very good writer, so I made it a priority to go.

Besides that, I like these ladies who attend. They are a hoot. I don't know how many are on the membership rolls, but we usually have about forty each month.  Les introduced us to his latest book.

Ransomed Earth: An Eco-Thriller
Verify price before purchase.
This book thrills and informs the reader at the same time. We read about the unfairness of American politicians to bow to the pressures of special interests and big business... all at the expense of the environment.

Before devoting his life to writing mysteries, Coalson worked in environment issues. A native Texan, he earned a master's degree in natural resources development from Texas A&M and later an MBS from UT in San Antonio.
Les and Me

We had a marvelous discussion about environment.

One of the fun things about our club is the good food. Our hostess worked her magic this day. I had the meeting once at my house, but food presentation is not my specialty. These ladies put me to shame.  I wish you could be with us at our meetings. Fun!

When I returned home, I winged the book,  Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island off to the publisher, and she is now ready to go to the editors. I think you'll like this book. I'm eager for you to have it, and then tell me what you think!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ever hear of the Azusa Street Revival?


            You haven’t heard of it? Me either, at least not until I read a thesis on it.  Interesting stuff.
            The year of this event? 1906. City? Los Angeles. The California town boasted about their many religions during those days—seems they were quite proud of the diversity. However, when people spoke a strange gibberish on Azusa Street, a revival of sorts broke out.

            William J. Seymour, an African American man, and the son of freed slaves, started the movement. He grew up in poverty and worked odd jobs in Indiana and joined the Church of God Reformation Movement. This church believed in the integration of races in worship.

            Seymour became an ordained minister in the Church of God in 1902, and then spent his time as a traveling evangelist. Eventually he settled in Houston, Texas. While in Houston, he met Charles Fox Parham who ran a Texas Bible School. Parham allowed Seymour to sit outside and listen to lessons. Hunky dory! Right?  Wrong! Parham thought he did the black man a favor.

            You see, this misguided man, Parham, believed in segregation, and Seymour was black. Seymour grew tired of Parham’s racism, but the exposure to the lessons provided him with a foundation for speaking in tongues.

            On April 9, 1906 Seymour, now in Los Angeles, fell to floor in religious ecstasy. A flood of people came from all over the city to see what was going on. Why not? They’d never seen or heard such commotion. The house where Seymour held meetings filled to capacity. At one point, so many gathered to worship that the floor caved in. Thankfully no one was hurt. Seymour knew then that he needed to find a more adequate building.

            Seymour located a forsaken building on Azusa Street. Aha! We now have the name for the congregation.

            Get this. The Azusa Church never took up an offering and never asked for money, but somehow they always paid bills and gave the pastor a small salary. How about that? Amazing huh?

            The church attracted both white and black! At a time in history when segregation was the norm, this was a rare oddity. During the most racist period in American history thousands of white people submitted themselves to the leadership of a black pastor and Seymour carried the leadership role well.

            But wait! Trouble is brewing. You see, that foolish man from Houston showed up in Los Angeles to visit Seymour’s church. Parham came around, and did he ever become a critic. Wow! That's an understatement. Parham didn’t like it because Seymour's church was racially integrated. No approval of blacks and whites for that man. No way. Kneeling beside each other, laying hands upon one another, and even worse, hugging or kissing one another? Forget it.

            In spite of Parham’s criticism, the Pentecostal movement continued to grow.

            Perhaps one of the reasons was this: the Azusa church remained racially mixed. Seymour made sure that both whites and blacks held high offices on his staff. Why my goodness! The preacher even drew no lines drawn between male or female. Women were on equal footing with men and assumed leadership positions as well. Totally unheard of. What was the preacher thinking?

Sad to say, good times didn't last for this fine minister, Seymour. White male leaders challenged his authority and several began to question the leadership roles of women.  White congregants left the church to form their own segregated churches, and these congregations placed women in subservient positions.

After 1911, the congregation became another small black urban church, but Seymour never stopped encouraging racial harmony. Seymour pastored the church on Azusa Street until his death in September of 1922 at the age of fifty-two years.

Hold on! The story isn’t over. William Seymour began a movement still felt today not only in the United States but around the world. The Azusa Street Revival is most often cited today as the roots and founder of modern day Pentecostalism.

What do you think? Fascinating, huh? You’ll find a lot of detail on the Internet and in books if you want to read more about it.

Usually I'm writing about Sarah but found historical info about Azusa interesting. With America in turmoil today, I wish another Azusa Street Revival would come again. How about you?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Not Bound by Time

Victoria Pitts-Caine


2.99 on Amazon
Verify price before purchase.

I introduced you to Victoria Pitts-Caine in an earlier post.  Scroll down to read Victoria's bio and see what she says about her writing.
I've now read the book, and I LOVE it! 
My imagination took fancy as I read Not Bound by Time, and I identified with the women whose hearts sought their soul mates. The author researched history, and the details brought the multiple accounts to life. If you’ve ever wished to time travel, this is the read for you. In The Seven Dials, we fall in love with Camille and Randolph. Their story is told in about eight chapters. Next we read Prairie Drifter, again beginning fresh with Chapter One and it continues for nine more. The last of the trilogy is A Field of Flowers. Balmoral and Albert are the resounding features in every mini-book.

Here’s a blurb

Time cannot imprison love nor hold it in place. At Balmoral, a two-hundred-year-old estate in old Northampton, love calls and only the heart can answer.

When five-year-old Albert Farraday first sets foot on the grounds of Balmoral, he senses its magic. After he returns from the Korean War and is employed as the caretaker, Camille, the mysterious new wife of the owner of the estate, leads Albert to believe there is indeed a force drawing the love-worn to Balmoral.

After Camille’s widowed niece visits the mansion, then disappears, he is certain his own sister Lydia traveled to meet her love and didn’t go mad as his mother had suggested.

Over the years Balmoral welcomes brokenhearted travelers who find their way to the portal and into the arms of love, and Albert comes to the understanding he is not only the custodian of Balmoral but the keeper of its secrets.

Two reviews

Gay N. Lewis (mine) review: “Three different love stories, but one person, Albert, has connections to all of them. His sister is the final tale in the trilogy. We see him as a five year old boy. He returns from the Korean War to be the caretaker of the estate, and as an older man when Angelina arrives. He greets Angelina and assures her that the estate is magical. He hints to Angelina about his sister Liddy's disappearance. She'd gone through the portal much earlier. Although the book doesn't actually say, I came to believe that somehow Albert understood the magic. He never went through the portal of time, but he realized that others found happiness there. This is a fascinating book, and I enjoyed it. I don't think I could leave my modern conveniences to go back in time, but I might leave a yesteryear to come to present day. The first person in the story, Camille, did this. Ms. Pitts-Caine has a vibrant imagination.”

Sharon McCain writes: “Ms. Caine has done it again. I've enjoyed other books I've read by her and this one is especially captivating. Not Bound by Time takes us on a time travel adventure through a series of related stories. The Balmoral estate holds a time portal. Albert, caretaker of the estate, holds the key to the other characters and events. We are taken to England in WW II with Randolf and Camille, then to a ranch in New Mexico with Angelina and her cowboy love, Monty. Finally we visit Scotland to follow the fate of Albert's twin sister Liddy, who vanished from Balmoral in years past. I loved being transported by time and geography to these authentic and researched sites. The characters pull you right into the story.”

This book is a bargain at 2.99.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gay's Days, February 19, 2015

Good morning friends,

The morning in Houston is off to a grand start. The high should be about 62 F this afternoon. Sunny skies and gorgeous weather. I wish everyone in Boston could escape to Texas for a few days.

I'm going outside to sit on the screened porch and drink a fresh cup of coffee. Want to join me? I'd love to meet you.

Trees are beginning to bud, but they are out a bit early. We'll have another cold snap, but it won't last long.

I received a wonderful gift this morning from Jacqueline Hopper, an editor with Prism Book Group. She's also an excellent writer. Have you read her book, The Gingerbread House? If not, you should.

Here's what she made me.  Isn't she talented?

Sarah: Laney's Angel and Sarah and the Widow's Mate are still on sale for .99 on Amazon
Jacqueline's book is on sale too.

If you are snowed in, or just enjoying a beautiful day, you can't go wrong with these books at these prices.  See you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gay's Days February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

How do you plan to spend the day and evening? Is Valentine's a favorite time for you?

Growing up as a child, I hated this day. I never won the competition for who got the most cards.

I like the occasion now. I have a wonderful husband who is kind and caring.

We celebrated last night with a drive to the Houston Galleria for dinner at Del Frisco's. Oh my! The crowd was unbelievable, but then the traffic and people are always numerous at the Galleria--day or night.

The food was good but expensive. We only go to places such as that in a blue moon, and I can't remember the last time the moon turned blue.

We started out with crab cakes. I love those delicacies, and these were excellent. Years ago, my sister had I lunched at Neiman Marcus and enjoyed their crab cakes. Neiman Marcus, in my opinion, still rates number one with crab cakes.

Salad was good, and the steak and au gratin potatoes to follow were wonderful. The service was perfect, and I enjoyed the dinner with my date. He planned it well.

When time came to leave for the Galleria, I felt a bit rushed. Yesterday was busy--spent it at the Facebook Valentine Event. My hostess hour finished at 6:00 our time and reservations were for 7:15. We called the restaurant to tell them we would be about ten minutes late.  We live some 57 miles from the Galleria, and with traffic? Merciful heavens! (As Sarah would say)

The FB Valentine Event was fun. A lot of readers took advantage of the sale for Sarah: Laney's Angel. If  you haven't a copy, you might still find it at the sale price on Amazon or B & N.

.99 on Amazon
Check before purchase. Price will soon change.
I gave away angel earrings that my friend Vicki Caine made and sent me for that purpose. Scroll down and read the interview I had with Vicki. She has an awesome new release. Not Bound by Time.

Aren't these pretty? Wish you could see them in  person.
Here's her book.
I also gave a copy of Sarah and Three Times a Charm.
I hope this day is a sweet one for you!
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