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Sarah at Christmas

Sarah at Christmas

Friday, January 23, 2015

Gay's Days, January 23, 2015

I've run across liars in my time. Maybe even offered one or two when I was a kid, but I never expected a person at Amazon to lie to me.

But a male agent did.

If you've ever tried to reach Amazon for any reason, you know it is a hassle. I found the phone number and called Amazon Audible. Sarah and the Internet Dating Service is now available on Audible, and I wanted to purchase it. Christy Williamson reads my books, and she does an amazing job. Even though I wrote it, I enjoy listening to Sarah's antics.

I digress.

Back to Amazon Audible. The man I spoke to attempted to help me with my questions about price. Since I'd already purchased the Kindle as well as the print version for myself from Amazon, I thought there might be a discount. When I purchased Sarah: A Mission of Love, I found that to be the case.

The guy couldn't find any of my books. He finally found Mission of Love and kept referring to it.

I ultimately told the man that he and I weren't jiving and I needed to speak to someone else. We understood each other's words, but we didn't comprehend what was said. We couldn't get on the same page.

The dude put me on hold and left me. I suppose he thought I'd hang up. He came back and began again. I said, "Aren't you the same man I was speaking to?"

He said he was not, that he was the supervisor and gave me a new name.  He tagged himself Ace this time.  Right. LOL. He should have called himself the Joker.

With the same voice, same words, he went round and round with me in the identical manner as before. He was hooked on Sarah: A Mission of Love. I love that book too, but I was calling about Sarah and the Internet Dating Service.

After chasing each other around the forest for a long time, I at long last drew it out of him.

I'm sure the man thought I wouldn't pursue the poor customer service I'd received from him.

He doesn't know Gay N. Lewis.

After much research on the Internet, I found an email address for Amazon's Customer Service. Here's the email I sent.

01/22/15 00:15:17
Your name: Gay N. Lewis
Other info: Poor service. Amazon employee lied to me.
Comments: I inquired about Audible. The person couldn't help me. I asked for a new person. I was put on hold for a long time. I suppose he thought I'd hang up. He came back on the phone and told me he was a supervisor. It was the same guy. I don't like being lied to. I expect better from Amazon. Supposedly the phone call was recorded. The second time the guy came on, he gave his name as Ace.  I spoke to him today.  Look it up.  He's a liar and doesn't know how to adequately communicate about your products.  He's a big mistake. I'm very unhappy with my whole experience.

Here's Amazon's response. I was surprised. It came immediately. I have a feeling it is a canned response from someone in a foreign country. Look closely at the wording, and no mention is made of the actual incident., but I hope they will look this guy up and coach him.


I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused due to unprofessional behavior of my colleague.

We never want our customers to be treat like this. At amazon our only motive is customer satisfaction.

As a representative of amazon I really apologize on behalf of whole amazon and my colleague as well and assure you that same won't happen.

Further to stop such issues in future I've raised coaching request for the agent and asked our team to take necessary action.

Truth is the first thing that we need to communicate with the customer.

So, I request you to consider this issue as an isolated one as it'll not happen in future for sure.

I hope you give us another chance to serve you better.

We look forward to see you again soon.

Warmest regards,
Johny G





Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gay's Days, January 22, 2015


I promised to show you pictures. Here's daughter and son-in-law leaving for the Texas Inaugural Ball. The lighting was too inadequate at the ball to take good pictures, so I'm pleased they took this one before they left San Antonio to trek to Austin for the gala.
Our daughter stands five feet tall and loves six inch heels. I have no idea how she can walk in them. Sarah, the angel character in my books, covets shoes with heels like that too. But she can't walk in them at all and falls down each time she tries.  LOL.
Craig and Lanissa lead an interesting life.  Here' a picture from two years ago when they were invited to the White House. They attended a ceremony for a friend who received the Medal of Honor. I should write a book and include some of the activities they've been privileged to share. However, most of these events don't happen to ordinary folks, so the book would read like a fairy tale.

Here's a picture of them with the recipient. Leroy Petry. Leroy is a fine gentleman, and I'm honored to know him.

 We have a rainy day in Fulshear and the weather grows colder as I sit here.  I hope you are safe and warm.

Enjoy the day the Lord has made!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Inaugural Ball

Good morning friends,

No, this invitation to the Texas Inaugural Ball isn't mine.

Youngest daughter and husband went last night to the gala in Austin, Texas.

I watched the swearing in of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the Great State of Texas on TV. The day was perfect for it...sunny, blue sky and about 70 degrees F.

Our daughter promised to send pictures of the ball, and I'll post them as soon as I receive them.  I'm eager to see her gown. She said the dress is blue and I've no doubt she looked stunning in it.  Son-in-law wore a tuxedo, and I'm sure he looked handsome as well.

They were invited to the entire day's events, but time only allowed them to attend the ball. They missed the outdoor inaugural, the barbeque and afternoon parties. I wonder if they returned home to San Antonio before they turned into pumpkins. Since the drive is close to two hours in traffic, I doubt they were in bed until the wee hours of this morning.

"Why were they invited?"  I hear you ask.

Good question. They aren't Republicans, and as far as I know, they don't contribute to political candidates, but they remain popular with influential people.  Son-in-law once escorted VP Biden around San Antonio.

Stay tuned. I hope to have pictures!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Gay's Days, January 19, 2015

Good morning friends,

Last Saturday, hubby and I drove over to the University of Houston to see the musical entitled, "In the Mood."

The singers and swing dancers were fantastic! If you have the opportunity, you should see it.

The decade for this production is the big band era of the 1940's.  Yes, that was before my time, but my mom and dad dated during part of that era.

We had trouble finding the Cullen building. U of H is huge, over six hundred acres. You can't believe how many people were as lost as we were. We parked, found someone with a map and ended up walking over a mile to get to this place, and then a mile back. Not an easy thing to do in heels, believe me!

So many people who came were old enough to be my mother or father. Some were in wheel chairs, others on walkers or with canes. They'd come to remember their early years and fun days. Of course those were the war years, and some of those memories evoked pain. I hated that many of them had that distance to walk.

As I stood outside the building while hubby bought tickets, it seemed that people thought I could answer their questions about location, tickets, if the auditorium was cool and if they needed jackets inside, etc.

Me? I'm always as lost as the little angel in my Sarah Series. I knew nothing more than they did, but I tried to help. I love telling people where to go, even if I'm wrong. Ha, ha, ho, ho, chuckle, chuckle.

Toward the end of the performance, the band and singers sang the theme songs for each of the military U.S. branches. The veterans and current service men stood as they heard their song. Wow! I cried my mascara off.

We had no Marines there that I could see, several Navy men, one Coast Guard, and a few Air Force. The overwhelming majority were Army. It was patriotic and heartwarming.

I wanted to go for several reasons. As I said, the era belonged to my parents. The costumes and hairstyles the women wore reminded me of pictures I'd seen of my mom.

I'm also writing a Sarah book. The main female human character is named Carolyn, and she attends the University of Houston. Seeing the campus gave me a better idea of how to write Carolyn's story.

Look for it. Even if you are too young to have a connection, it will do your heart good.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Gay's Days January 16, 2015

Good morning friends,

Is the sun shinning where you are? Rays are pelting us with warmth, and I'm giddy with pleasure. I've fought flu like symptoms all week--didn't have it, but felt icky, so the sun helps.

Direct TV came out yesterday to install new satellite coverage for us. We had Dish removed. Hubby enjoys Fox News and they weren't available on Dish.  Ironic thing is that when he called to cancel Dish yesterday, Dish said Fox News would be back today.

Hubs said, "Too late."

So now we are getting accustomed to new channel numbers and a new remote. Don't you just hate that?  As soon as I learn to operate some technical device, I have to start over.

Direct has features Dish didn't, so I may like it better.

The weekend is here. Hope all of you are well enough to be in your worship places on Sunday!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gay's Days January 15, 2015

ABWA Katy Chapter's photo.

I had the privilege of attending the ABWA (American Business Women's Association) Meeting on Tuesday night.  Rhonnye Morton, Life Coach, presented an inspiring presentation on Dream/Imagine/Believe/Succeed. The discussion that followed on balance was beneficial, and I have the privilege of speaking here next month.  I hope my presentation can match the good one Rhonnye presented last night.

Terry Moneyham, the President, was an amazing leader for the meeting, and the  food was delicious. Terry is a Financial Advisor and my friend.  She's the one standing at the front of the room.

Cold again today.  Would you believe the Houston area has had over seven days of the temp never reaching 50 F for the high?  I think the weather guy said it had been ten years since we've had this many chilly days in a row.  Today we may break the 50 mark, and we may glimpse the sun. Yippee!

My third book came out on audio yesterday. Wow~ Four now!  Amazing. Grateful.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gay's Days, January 13, 2015

Good morning! So are you warm?

We have showers and a temp heading toward 52 degrees F today for a high. The dampness makes it feel colder, but nothing to equate with what many of you have in other parts of the world.

With the exception of a couple of phone calls, I've spent the morning writing about Sarah. She's wandering about on Catalina Island.

Errands have my name on them today...the ones I didn't get to yesterday.

I didn't find a coat replacement, but I found a nice, helpful man at the Apple store, so now I'm fixed up for my new mini iPad. 

When I saw Sarah and the Internet Dating Service again on Amazon's Best Seller's List, last night when I checked, I was thrilled.  Amazon updates every hour, and they sell a lot of books. I'm always happy to see one of mine there, and even more thrilled when they stay longer than an hour.

Have a good one.  Stay healthy!