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Sarah at Christmas

Sarah at Christmas

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Keeping Watch

I love angels, don't you?

They are real and God asks them to assist us.

The one above is an ornament hanging on a tree.

Sarah, the fictitious, goofy angel I write about, met her best friend, Gabriella on a tree. Gabriella was guarding a human but she masqueraded as an ornament on a tree while keeping an eye on her charge. Sarah didn't know she was real until the ornament spoke to her.
You'll find this story in Sarah and the Widow's Mate.

In another book, Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady, Sarah gets into trouble as she tries to tell Emily, her charge that she met Gabriella hanging on a tree.

I had fun writing Sarah's antics. Have you read these books yet?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Manger Child

Where are the swaddling clothes?
I've always wondered why Mary and Joseph are pictured in warm clothes, and the baby looks cold. If they'd left the child without blankets, they wouldn't be good parents, now would they?

I have two manger scenes. Both are in the garage waiting for me to display them in the house. I usually place one on the mantle and one in the kitchen.

I may not take them out of the boxes this year. I have many items inside, and the house looks festive already.  Decorating for the holidays requires a lot of work and it makes a mess. After Christmas I spend time taking everything down and restoring stuff. I have plenty to put away now. No one has noticed the missing manger.

 If I display my manger scenes, I'll need to make space for them, and at this moment, I have no room for them.

Oops!  Isn't that the Christmas story?  No room for Jesus? That's why he was born in a feed trough for animals in a barn.

I better go make room.

And I'll put clothes on Him.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Away in a manger

Another yard scene from my neighborhood. I love it when people put the true meaning of Christmas on display.

Is Christmas your favorite holiday?  Mine is Thanksgiving, but I love December days too. I suppose if I lived in snow areas, I wouldn't care much for it, but in Houston, we don't have much cold.

It's been raining and in the 50's Fahrenheit these past days, but the rain will stop about noon. A friend of mine plans to cook a pot of soup today. Good weather for it. I have no plans for dinner, but maybe an idea will come to me when I grocery shop.

I have a phone call scheduled from my editor at Texas Hill Country this afternoon. She's giving me another lesson on the WordPress software we use for Texas Hill Country. Bah humbug. I wish I were more tech savvy.  Life as a writer would be easier.

Have you been to Texas Hill Country?  Here's the link.

You'll find good stories and photos.

Until tomorrow, smile today!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Already?

A few in my neighborhood have finished their yards early, but all this work requires time, so they must start in advance.

We're doing no decorating outside. Are we a Scrooge?  No, but we didn't take time to put up anything.

It's also expensive.

We plan to drive around and enjoy the work of others. How about you?

A cold, rainy day came to Houston yesterday. I read good books. I'm sure you've guessed by now how much I enjoy reading and writing.

I hope you'll read my two Christmas books during the holiday season.

Here's a review by Lisa Lickel

The adorable love angel, Sarah, is on her next assignment. After successfully running interference in encouraging Laney and Cannon’s romance and marriage in Sarah: Laney’s Angel, Sarah, aka Annie Wingspand, is tasked next with guiding Beth Marsh. Beth has been widowed a few years, and is being courted by three different gentlemen, one of whom means her harm. Sarah is charged with helping Beth choose the right one.

Who couldn’t love angel who adores food, high heels, whose favorite exclamation is poopty doopty, and giving lost people a little help, even when those sidetracks aren’t part of her mission. I appreciated that about Lewis’s story; even her description of heavenly messengers with different missions.

Told from Sarah’s point of view, those who enjoy fantasy stories about what angels might be doing, hanging around us, will find much to love in this story. Those who enjoy Mignon Ballard’s August Ballard will love Sarah. One of my favorite parts was those rumbles from above whenever Sarah entertained less than charitable thoughts. I tried to practice that on myself—imagining those rumbles. I’ll report back later when I don’t end up soaking everyone around me with thunderstorms.

If you want a short, Christmas novella,
I've got one for you.

Here's a review from GP

In this story the bumbling little angel, Sarah, not only brings two people together, but she also gives comfort to a character handling disappointment and sadness.
Sarah’s plotting to bring two people together under extremely difficult circumstances entertains and keeps the reader wondering what will happen next. Sarah amuses when she fails to understand everyday human phrases and conjures up explanations to talk her way out of awkward situations. Mrs. Lewis’s descriptions put me right in the scenes and I could see Sarah’s little wings fluttering. This book's a wonderful reminder that God helps us even though we may be so distraught we don’t even ask. I recommend it as an inspirational, fun read.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Wonderful Family Day

Our daughter earned her master's degree from Wayland Baptist University.

Master of Arts in History

December 2, 2016

As you can see from the picture, we are blessed with three daughters. The daughter that we celebrated this week had all sorts of problems in elementary, middle, and high school. We were thrilled when she earned a BA, but even more enthralled this time around. She earned her master's with honors!

Like me, she is slightly dyslexic. I get directions up and sometimes reverse words. Sarah, the angel in my novels has my abilities...or is it my lack of abilities? 

In our daughter's case, the eye didn't detect lines and spaces. Here's an example. She has great music ability and I gave her piano lessons. While in the kitchen, I'd hear her practice and think, "she's got that down." I'd walk over to give a word of praise and then realize she was staring at the page and playing by ear. The music was in the key of G but she played in F.  Teachers would often give quizzes with two columns and the kids were to draw a line between the columns to connect answers. She knew the correct answers, but her eye couldn't do this.

Her mind and eye played tricks on her, but she leaned to compensate.  

Here's an encouragement to anyone with a hard road ahead.

Don't ever quit!

If you have a challenge, you can overcome it.  In spite of setbacks, she has a master's degree and I write best selling books.

With God, all things are possible.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Graduation Time

Image result for free airplane clip art

I'm excited! Hubby and I are headed to Bush Intercontinental to pick up our youngest daughter. She graduates with a master's degree tomorrow.

Here she is when she earned her BA. This time she graduates with honors.  We're proud of her. After she moved from San Antonio to KY, she finished on line. Isn't it great how we can do things like that now?

So...we pick her up and drive to San Antonio for the ceremony.

Y'all be good while I'm away. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Time to Diet again

Image result for big thanksgiving dinner

After all the holiday food, many of us will need to shed a few pounds.  


Wouldn't it be lovely to eat and never gain?

In the story I'm working on, Sarah and the Magical Makeover, Sarah must help a lady lose seventy pounds. The woman hides behind weight and uses her size as a shield from pain. Sarah is petite, but she can appear in any masquerade.

Sarah intended to answer Valerie’s ad for a roommate, but if she appeared too glamorous when they met, Valerie might be intimidated and that would never do. 
Calling forth a cheval mirror, Sarah finally decided on a disguise. She added fifty pounds to her short height and gave herself frizzy, dull, brown hair. She placed large, red framed eyeglasses on her nose, wore no makeup and donned mismatched clothes. What was a fitting name for this masquerade? 
How about Chastity?
Nope. This image didn’t fit that lovely name. Even though she was chaste, angels experienced no sexual appetite, and in this get-up, she just didn’t look the part.
How about Naomi?
That was a lovely Biblical name. Ruth’s mother-in-law was an ideal role model for her daughter-in-law, but the name was dated, and Sarah wanted one more current.
All names were given for a purpose, and parents tried for beautiful and meaningful names. Well, Sarah’s Father had given her this task and He wanted her to reach a child of His. How about if she called herself Oceana? She loved watching the ocean, even though it often terrified her. The sound of the waves produced a melodic sensation. Perfect!

Wouldn't it be lovely to have Sarah's skills? With a nod,  we could change our size?

Come January, I'll diet...again.  How about you?

Date night and dinner. 

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