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Sarah at Christmas

Sarah at Christmas

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Book and More Books to Win

Don't forget to meet DiAne Gates!

She interviewed me on her blog, and I'm giving a book there too! Hop over and DiAne may draw your name. 

Enter here also. The more chances the better, right?

Five Star Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
on September 15, 2017
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on September 17, 2017
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on September 16, 2017
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Monday, September 18, 2017

Blue Monday

Good Monday Morning!

So how are you beginning your week? Are you old enough to remember this song, "Blue Monday?" Fats Domino made it popular in the 1956 film, The Girl Can't Help It.

I never saw the film, but I like the song.

Play "Blue Monday"
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"Blue Monday"
Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday
Got to work like a slave all day
Here come Tuesday, oh hard Tuesday
I'm so tired got no time to play

Here come Wednesday, I'm beat to my socks
My gal calls, got to tell her that I'm out
'Cause Thursday is a hard workin' day
And Friday I get my pay

Saturday mornin', oh Saturday mornin'
All my tiredness has gone away
Got my money and my honey
And I'm out on the stand to play

Sunday mornin' my head is bad
But it's worth it for the time that I had
But I've got to get my rest
'Cause Monday is a mess

I'm busy on this Monday, and I don't have time to be blue. I'm continuing to tell everyone about Mattie's Choice. If you haven't entered to win a free book, hurry!  The offer expires September 22. Click on the link. It's easy peasy.

Win a Free Book

Now that I've reminded you about Mattie, I'll tell you my plans.

I'm also going to drive today. Look out Houston! 
I chose a red car so people could see me and move out of the way. 

My poor hubby. He's so patient and kind. I was driving the other day with him as a passenger. I let him out when we pulled into the driveway so he could retrieve a trash can. He then watched me scrape the side of the garage as I tried to maneuver the car to my parking space.

Oh mercy!

He just shook his head. Never said a word.

He buffed most of it out.

Is he a saint or what?

I'm on the way to Sugar Land today to get new contact lens. Maybe they'll help. My depth perception isn't too good. 

If you see me coming, switch lanes.

Don't forget about Mattie. Enter to win a book. Sarah is out there too. Sarah will make you laugh out loud. She's a hoot.

Have a Happy Monday.  Not a blue one.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Drunk Driver?

How did this happen?

This is not my garage. I didn't do this.

Paul drives a blue truck and I drive a red car, but I promise, this isn't my garage.

Now I admit, the first year I lived in Houston, I had nine wrecks, but this wasn't one of them.

In many cases, mine were bazaar, but whoever did this takes the cake.

Hubby has a friend. I don't know him. He can't claim an association with me or Sarah, my dyslexic angel, are a result of his driving abilities. 

I digress. Anyway, Paul's friend once drank champagne at a wedding. This guy doesn't normally drink. When he went to his garage the next morning, his car was parked sideways. Like parallel sideways, wall to wall. He didn't know how he'd managed to park that way the night before, and he couldn't get the vehicle out when he tried to remove it as a sober man.

He called for help. No, not the police. He called a wrecker to extract his car.

My friend, Jack Watts tells how the truck got on top of the car. Click on the link above...the one with his name on it. I needed a smile today. How about you?

Have a blessed day!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Win a Book!

Follow me on my author page on Amazon. Each new person to follow between now and September 22 earns a chance to win an eBook of Mattie's Choice.

This will not sign you up to a mail list. You will not be receiving email blasts. Don't you just hate those? Everyone wants your email, and then you get one advertisement after another. Yuk!

If you check the box under my picture, when I release a new book, you will be notified. 

I wish I released a book every month. But that's not the case.

You might get a notification once a year!

It takes most authors at least six months to write a book and six months for editing and publishing.

Mattie's Choice is an exception.

It took me twelve years to write it and a year to get it edited and published. Prism Book Group merged with Pelican Book Group. Prism is now an imprint of Pelican. Mercy me! All the changes.

Whew! Right?

A lot of work from me, 
several editors and two publishers went into this book.

So please read it!

And please follow me on Amazon.

I hope you win!

The Greatest Generation

Official!  Mattie is now released.

Do you like history? If so, you'll enjoy Mattie's story. 
The story begins in 1925 and goes to WWII.

Here is an excerpt from the book.

"I’m anxious about it all. It’s on my mind all the time. I remember too much about the last one. The Great War ended when Maury and I were ten years old. Those were scary times for a child. That thing was supposed to be the War to End All Wars. Papa was too old to go, but he contributed to the effort with farm produce.” Mattie spoke while she poured coffee for Jesse.

“If it hadn’t ended, Joe and I would have gone. We were at the right age for it, and we are again. Joe will go, but my hand will keep me here.”

“Osage County had quite a few men back then and they were all between the ages of twenty-one and thirty. They had to register for the Selective Service Act. I remember it well. Maury and I had friends whose brothers fought in France. Ida Ann’s oldest brother died over there.”

At the mention of Maury, Jesse ground his teeth again and picked up his coffee cup with a shaking hand.

Mattie ignored his expression. “I recall those days like they were yesterday. Papa told us how President Wilson went to Congress to ask for a declaration of war. He stated in his speech that sending men into war would bring peace, freedom and safety to all nations. When he got to that part, Congress interrupted the President’s speech with applause. Papa thought it odd to applaud sending our young men to die in combat. President Wilson later said he thought the same thing.”

Jesse widened his eyes. “I can’t get over you chattering about these things. You didn’t babble like this when we first married.”

Mattie bit her lip, noticed his ugly expression, and went on. “Papa always said that Germany would find a way to retaliate for their country’s losses. I’m praying none of our men go, but I worry they will.”

Jesse gazed out the window and was silent for a moment. “I don’t believe the conflict will happen for us.” 

“I hope you’re right. I’ve never understood the reason men put us into war. I suppose it comes from a desire for land and power, Warfare is a terrible ordeal for young men to endure, and so many are needless. Take the Civil War as an example. Let’s pray for all the national leaders. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have.”

The characters in Mattie's Choice are fictional, but the circumstances they faced were real. Mattie, and her friend Ella, were inspired by two women I admired very much. These two lived during perilous times.  The Depression and the Dust Bowl took lives, homes and land. Polio was rampant. Route 66 came to be a reality. Women had few rights, but they'd been given the privilege to vote in 1920, and that was a major accomplishment. A baby born out of wedlock was shunned. The birth certificate read "Illegitimate."  Reading history makes us thankful for change and progress, and we learn from it.  The years between 1925 and 1940 had many challenges, but people were strong and resilient. they have been tagged "The Greatest Generation."

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Normal Life

Hurricane Harvey and Irma disrupted normal lives.  These two devils destroyed property and took lives. It may be years before people recover, if they ever do. Daily grief may become commonplace.

As a friend visited with us this week, we discussed how wonderful a "normal life" is. You know, everyday things we take for granted. Home, vehicle, job, family—all the things we experience on an ordinary basis.

A disruptive magnitude such as a loss of home, job, or a family member devastates. After a catastrophic event, we long for everything to return to "normal" again. 

Why is it we aren't thankful for common place until it's gone?

In my book that releases tomorrow, Mattie had a wonderful life until she married Jesse. Her former, typical life changed drastically.

In 1925, women had few rights, but they had what was normal for the day.

Mattie married and expected an customary lifestyle. Husband, home, children. Then Jesse began to hurt her emotionally and physically. Her life turned upside down.

Fast forward 92 years. Women marry today and expect a conventional life, but they discover too late they married a controlling man.

A "normal" life for them becomes living in daily fear.

I hope you'll read Mattie's Choice, and I hope your heart will open to hurting women. I also hope this book makes us thankful for modern day, normal lives.

Available September 15 in eBook and print.

Here's another thing. I'm on Danele Rotharmel's blog today! She asked some unusual questions. Stop by and read my answers. I may surprise you!