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Sarah at Christmas

Monday, January 15, 2018

Libraries: We need them.

Good Morning Friends,

I'd like to go to the library today. Love that place, but they are closed. It's a holiday, MLK Day. So....I"ll go tomorrow. We need libraries. May they never go away.

Unfortunately, I won't find my books there. Once upon a long time ago, the libraries carried my VHS productions, and I'm happy to say they were checked out many times. Travelers bought them too.

My videos aren't there anymore. DVD's have replaced that technology. My books aren't there either. Sigh. 

I could cry, but there are other things more important to cry over. Right? Maybe one day, I'll become famous and all my books will be on library shelves.

In the meantime, how about putting a few of my novels on your shelf?

If you prefer eBooks, my books are available in that format. Some are in audio.

Please, please buy my books. Pretty please with sugar on it.

You can find them online at your favorite bookseller.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Angel: Needed today

Ever have one of those days? 

We had one of those years, and I'd hoped 2018 would be easier. NOT! 

I need an angel.

Our daughter, in assisted living, requires a lot of time, attention, money, and emotional support. I took her to Austin this past week to the dentist for a tooth implant. It's been a long process to get to this point. Several all-day trips to Austin and back. The guy cemented the tooth and said, "all done, no more problems."


This morning, the thing fell out. I guess the little thing didn't like being in its new home. She doesn't talk dirty and brushes often, so why didn't it like the new place?

It's Saturday! Now what? A dentist on Saturday? And the other dentist has been paid. Argh! 

And here's another aggravation.

I signed a new contract!  Yay!  That's good news. Happy news.

Problem?  Well, you know me, I'm not tech savvy. This publisher wants all contracts and forms signed and sent electronically. 

Sigh. Moan. Groan.

I'm excited to have a new contract, and I'll figure it out, but the aggravations of life require patience and I need an angel to give me a shot of the stuff.  I wish Sarah would help!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Congratulations Alabama

I love Alabama. 

I've never lived there, but my mom and her family were born in that awesome state, and I enjoyed childhood trips to visit her relatives.

Best cooks on the planet.

And as of last night, the best collegiate football team in the USA.

Georgia gave them a super challenge. The game could have gone either way.

Have you ever noticed how life is like that?  Just when you think you're winning the battle, circumstances are instantly changed by an interception, a field goal, or an unexpected touch down.

Time ran out for Georgia and Alabama won. If there'd been a few more minutes on the clock, the ending might have been different.

Reminds me of life. Who knows how many minutes are left on our life clock?  

Play the game of life as if you'll have an overtime to fix whatever problems you face, and after all is said and done, you'll have played an amazing game.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Angels To Watch Over You

May God and His angels watch over you in 2018!

Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary. Isaiah 40:31 NIV
He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings, you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. Psalm 91:4 NIV.
We'll have hills to climb in 2018, 
but we know Who is in control.

Oh sure, we'll have doubts.
Maybe anger.
But we'll have rainbows and beautiful sunny days, too.

My prayer for us is this:

When 2019 rolls around, may we see that God indeed did provide His watch care and His angels during 2018.

Monday, January 1, 2018


Hello 2018

As I leave 2017 and enter a New Year, I'm reflecting.

What kind of year did you have?
Twelve months hurried by.
Were they a mixture of happy and sad?
A conglomeration of peace and anger?

Twelve months, one day at a time, we experienced a collection of emotions.

As I glance back at my calendar, I see doctor's appointment. Boy! Do they take the time and money!

We need them and I thank God for them. For meds too.

Hubby and I were blessed. The docs we saw were mostly routine, but we also take care of our daughter who has dementia. 
She had many visits with those guys too.

Her physician visits require us to take her to Austin, TX. That's a 2.5 hour trip one way.

Yep, lots of time went to doctors.

We found a new caregiver for her in early summer and that allowed us to take a 2 week vacation to California. I blogged about it. The trip is a happy memory.

Then on August 25, Hurricane Harvey hit us. We had no water in our home, but we were surrounded and stranded for days. I blogged about that too.

My book, Mattie's Choice hit the shelves on September 15. I'd worked for years on Mattie. It was a joy to see her in print.

Joy about the book turns to stress.
The caregiver up and left in October, giving us a 24 hour notice. 

We quickly found an assisted living facility and began moving our daughter into it.

Not understanding.

Talk about hard? Those were tough times. Still are. She hates her days and blames us. We had to do it...put her in a facility. The caregiver who lived with her in Austin suddenly left and we could find no one to take the caregiver's place. We brought her to our home and then moved her to a wonderful place. It's so much better than with the person in Austin, or even us. We know she's fed properly and gets her meds on time. She also has activities and residents to visit with, but she doesn't like it and wants to be at her home in Austin. 

Our daughter comes and stays with us for days and weeks at a time, but she's miserable while she's here, and so are we. We must work and can't entertain her 24/7. I work from home. I write for Texas Hill Country, my books, and work six times a year for Access Intelligence, also from home. Hubby's job as a pastor/teacher takes him away. 

We care, and we try, but we aren't caregivers. There is a colossal difference between caring and caregiving.

I admire the caregivers who work with dementia and Alzheimer patients. The work requires gifts and training. As the disease progresses, most patients with this disease require these special, skilled angels. Our daughter is in that stage.

Here we are this past Christmas. Our ill daughter stands beside me in the colorful, printed shirt. She loves color and bling. She's beautiful and way too young for advanced dementia.

Since November, we've been clearing out her house and last week, it went on the market. Her hubby passed away in 2015, so we take care of his and her business affairs. That took a chunk of time in 2017 too.

In December, I had to re-enroll her in ObamaCare.
Oh my! Talk about hours on the phone! The dot gov people put her with a new insurance company just starting out in Texas. Ambetter Insurance. They've been a headache. If you have them, I hope you have better luck with them than I'm having.

They told me she would have doctors in her area. There are none, and now we are stuck driving miles and miles of Texas in other cities to see them, or we pay as if we have no insurance. More work to do on this thing. Why did dot gov do that to us? Like we needed another time-consuming headache.

We've had our good, happy days, and a few sad or angry ones, but as the year closes, I'm thankful. As the old hymn goes,

Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

If I could read about your year, I'm sure you'd tell me about your mixed bag too. We all have them.

That assorted bag will come our way in 2018 too. That's okay. Let's look forward to the year. We know, based on the past, that God has got it in His hands. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Sarah's Christmas Note

 Here's a picture of me. 
It was made last year, 
but I look the same.

Dear Gay,      
            As I write this note, angels up here in The Heavenlies are recalling the night Jesus was born.  I wasn’t among those making an appearance two thousand years ago, but the heavens are abuzz with recollections from those who did. Watching the humans celebrate the most important birth ever known brings jubilation among us, and Jesus especially beams His approval 

            Angels had a lot to do with the natal miracle. Zacharias received a visit from one of us. So did Mary—and then one materialized also to Joseph in a dream.  The heavenly messengers delivered the news to these favored people that Jesus was coming to earth as a baby. This news must have been a shocker to all of them, especially Mary and Joseph, but my favorite part of the story is the shepherds.

My friend, Anna

            Anna, my friend, was among those who appeared to the sheep caretakers on the hillside. With her beautiful soprano voice, she can make the heavens resonate. As gifted as she is, Maestro Superior nonetheless rehearsed her and the angelic choir for a long time.  Now mind you, we really don’t have time pieces or calendars up here, so I can’t tell you how much they prepared, but it was regularly.  Their scheduled performance was one of utmost importance.

            Everyone residing in The Heavenlies knew Jesus was to leave His glory and be born human. And yet, He would remain God.  Amazing, isn’t it?  No one had ever done that before, and no one ever will again.

            Anna told me how terrified the shepherds were when the angelic host appeared.  One of our angel rules is that we don’t panic humans, but it was necessary that night. Right?  The angels had the divine appointment to announce the birth of the Messiah.  Wow!  Can you imagine?  Every angel up here wanted to be in that group, but the Father selected only a few.

            The shepherds reacted just as expected—they went to Bethlehem to see the miracle. How thoughtful of the Father! He gave the good news first to a labor force considered a lowly profession by others.   The Father is awesome when He does things such as that, and He does them often—for angels and humans.

            The guys who took care of sheep had nothing of monetary value to give the Christ Child. Wise men from the east brought expensive presents later. But as you know, the Father only wants the gift of love for His Son.  That’s the perfect gift, and it is one each of us—human or angel can give. The Shepherds gave the Christ Child their heart that night.

            One reason I enjoy the shepherd’s part so much is that they didn’t allow insecurity to interfere with their opportunity. They worried not about inferior clothing, lack of funds, absence of education and prominence. Ignoring human prejudice, they went to Bethlehem. I wish you could hear them right now talking about that glorious night—even though they have resided in The Heavenlies for many earth years, they never tire of telling the story. Do humans take the story for granted? I hope not.

            Well, Gay, I must go.  We have a huge birthday celebration planned, and I don’t want to miss it. All residents of The Heavenlies wish a blessed Christmas and Holy Days for each of you. I’ll return to your wonderful planet in the year numbered 2018. On my next assignment, I’m to help a young woman with a make-over. This should be exciting. You know how much I love to appear in disguises and wear beautiful clothes. Never mind if I cause havoc in the process, I still enjoy wearing colorful clothes and shoes. Do you think I can learn to walk in stilettos this trip? I enjoyed helping Mackenzie this past year choosing a prom dress. She looked gorgeous, but creating a romance for her mom turned out to be interesting.  I goofed up a lot, but then, what’s new in that department?

            Have a blessed Christmas.  We are thinking of every one of you up here in The Heavenlies!


Friday, December 22, 2017

The Bullies Got Rudolph

Santa had a herd of reindeer.
They weren't nice.
They were bullies.

You see, one reindeer was a little different. He had a red, shiny nose. This made the other "normal" looking reindeer laugh at him and call him names. Yep. Not nice. Why didn't Santa stop the bullying in the barn? Santa ignored what his animals were doing.  Santa should put himself on his own naughty list.

Rudolph was excluded. He felt awful. Sad. Depressed. He was different. Why should that matter? He could fly like the herd. He had a heart and feelings just like everyone else. He even looked like the others, well, all except his nose.

So, as luck would have it, a foggy night came one Christmas Eve and Santa decided a red nose would come in handy. 

Rudolph led the herd.

Suddenly the outcast became a hero.

Rudolph's nose led him to a happy ending, but the bullies didn't change. Oh sure, they liked Rudolph, but bullies are bullies. They must have found another reindeer to act ugly toward. No one had chastised them for their bully behavior. No one had stood up to them. Why should they cease their ways?

Santa should have saved the day.

Bullies should be stopped.

A reindeer shouldn't wait for a foggy night to save the day.

Where were the Good Samaritans?

In this book, Mackenzie has bullies attacking her.
She didn't have a shiny nose to save her.
But a knight in shining armor came to her defense.
With a little help for an angel named Sarah.