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Sarah at Christmas

Sarah at Christmas

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gay's Days, October 30, 2014

This statue is a new addition in my doctor's office.
The statue is almost as tall as I am, and I usually sit in the chair next to the wall.  Now that the gold thing stands there, I sit somewhere else.
Not that I'm afraid of it, mind you. The object has no powers. I simply believe in my God, and He doesn't approve of images representing one.
Perhaps this item is art, and has no religious significance.  I meant to ask, but after three hours to see the doctor last Monday, I forgot.
He's a very good physician, and I'm pleased to find him. His office staff provides professional and friendly service, and his reputation notable. That's one reason I wait for him.
I took two of my books to his office the other day. I signed them and asked the ladies to share. I hope the staff will read them. My books are inspirational and God is mentioned often. I've been told my books aren't too preachy, so that's good.  I give away books as a witnessing tool of who I am and the God I serve.
One of the ladies I gave a book to lives in Sugar Land, so I brought her a copy of Sarah: Laney's Angel.  The other woman lives in the Houston area. I gave her Sarah: A Mission of Love.  Perhaps they will pass the novels around and others will have an opportunity to read Sarah's story.
I'm guessing that most of you who read my blog are Christians.  What do you do to share your faith? Other faiths share. Perhaps in ways we don't like. I wish our radical Islam friends weren't so drastic. Threatening people to convert to a faith is extreme, in my opinion.
God gives us free will and choice, so we are welcome to choose any faith we want. Of course, there are major consequences if we don't choose the One and Only True God.
Perhaps the physician shares his faith through the art work. I communicate mine through books as well as other ways.  Anyone want to comment on the ways they share their faith? I love comments.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gay's Days, October 28, 2014

DiAnn Mills, our FHL President, (Faith, Hope and Love) sent an email to members this week. When we travel, she wanted to know if we found a story when we came upon "the beauty, the downtrodden, the victorious, and the beaten?"
I responded that I did, and I've used what I've seen in my travels in several books. But then, I began to laugh as I remembered the photo I'd taken recently while hubby and I traveled in a nearby country town. I've seen lots of items for sale in a yard, but this was the first for a toilet.
Let's make up a story about this one, shall we?
Well, let's see. This item isn't a thing of beauty, but maybe we could go with the victorious theme.
The dialogue could go similar to this.
Wife:     "I want a new toilet."
Hubby:  "Why? This one is perfectly good. No need to spend money."
Wife:     "This one is hard to clean and the lid is broken. You threw it away, remember?"
Hubby:  "Yeah, but it still flushes."
Wife:     "Water sprays out the top when we pull the handle."
Hubby:  "Who cares?" 
Wife:     "I care. Did you ever think about the way you fill up the thing? No telling what other mess spews into the bathroom."
Hubby:   "Okay. I'll make a deal with you. You can have a new one if I sell the old one."
Wife:      "Deal."
The wife became the triumphant winner. Voila! I just wrote a short story. The Toilet in the Yard.
Thanks DiAnn for the suggestion. I think most authors write about what they see, hear, and what (or who) they know. Our imaginations are always at work. So is my outrageous sense of humor.
DiAnn Mills is a Christy Award Winner. You can find her and her books on these sites.
Have you gotten your copy yet of my latest book?
Sarah and a Dad for Mandy.
A novella, available in eBook




Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gay's Days, October 22, 2014

Columbus Texas

One day last week, hubby and I drove through Columbus Texas. This county seat town lies about forty-five minutes from our home. When we travel to Austin or San Antonio, we often stop for lunch in this quaint little city.  Many of the houses are historic landmarks, and the founders of the city had enough sense to leave gigantic, old trees and build roads around them. You'll find several roads such as the one in the picture in Columbus.

I once kept a diary of books I read with snippets about the novels and whether I would read them a second time. In my entry dated August, 2005, I reviewed My Mother's Daughter by Judith Henry Wall.  Perhaps the book has been updated because Amazon says it was published by Simon & Schuster (January 4, 2014),  and I read it in 2005. The book is not available on eBook.

I had to look up the title in my journal....I'm bad about remembering titles. Are you?

Never-the-less, I've never forgotten the story. Two sister, a photographer, makes photos of war zones in 1942. The other sister stays in Columbus. When the photographing sister returns to Columbus, she expects a child, but refuses to say who the father is. The sister who stayed in Columbus takes the child as her own. And the mystery begins.

In my notes, I've written, "This is an okay read, but I don't want to read it again." Having said that, let me hasten to say that I've never forgotten the story. When we drive though Columbus, I think of these two fictional sisters. The picture on the cover of the book resembles many of the homes in Columbus.

Product Details
Do you keep a book journal? For years I did, and I plan to go back doing so again. Finding forgotten books is easy with one, and knowing which ones you want to read a second time is priceless.
I'd love to hear the names of your favorite books. Do you read them over and over?  If so, why?
I love Janette Oke's book, Love Comes Softly. I read it from time to time. The sequels aren't as good to me as the original. I also loved the movie, but the book is better.
A splendid compliment came my way from a reader. She said she reads my books a second time. I think there's no better accolade than for a reader to tell an author that. I also think the author did a good job if a reader remembers a story.
I hope you will read my Sarah series, and please leave reviews. Readers are often afraid of reviews because they think they must recap the story. That's not necessary.  A simple, "I liked this book" will do.
Keep your smile handy! Pick up a book and read today!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Gay's Days, October 17, 2014

If you've read Sarah and a Dad for Mandy, You will know that all the characters in the three novellas come together for Karen and Jeremy's wedding.  The couple planned their honeymoon in Quebec City, Quebec Canada.

Hubby and I traveled there about this time last year, and it became one of my favorite places.  Check this YouTube video out. If you haven't been there, this city makes a grand get-away. You can't believe how romantic it is.

Here's an excerpt from Sarah and a Dad for Mandy.

Sarah breezed down into a corner of the bedroom where Karen and Brittany sorted various articles of clothing and placed them into an open bag on the bed.

“I expect Quebec City to be cooler this time of year—certainly more so than Houston right now. I’m taking a lightweight jacket, just in case I need it for night time.”

“How did you and Jeremy decide on Quebec City for a wedding trip?” Brittany folded a long sleeved t-shirt and placed it in the suitcase.

“Do you remember me telling you about that rather unusual woman I met at Gio’s Deli? Those tables at the place butt together. Anyway, I was alone and a stranger sat at a spot next to mine. She started a conversation—said she was in the connection business, and often forgot where she was.”

“Oh, yeah, I recall you talking about her.”

“A very nice person—evidently she traveled a lot. She mentioned Quebec City as a honeymoon site—said it was a romantic place. After Jeremy and I researched it, we chose to go there. The ancient section of Quebec is walled and quite romantic with its French atmosphere. I love old stone buildings and winding cobblestone streets. The area has many things to do and see, and I’ve read the food is fantastic.”

From her position at the ceiling, Sarah nodded. Although she hadn’t savored the delicacies in that location, she’d seen them from The Heavenlies, and they looked yummy. Would the Superiors be pleased? Karen and Jeremy had followed her suggestion regarding a wedding trip.

Karen folded a black pair of slacks and placed them into the bag. “Another comment the lady made was one of the reasons I determined to stay connected with the Internet Dating Service.” Karen picked up a shirt. “Her name was Sarah Wingspand. I remember because it was unusual—kind of like her. Anyway, out-of-the-blue, she told me that a near disaster might make people think twice, but God had ordained matrimony from the get-go, and sometimes a relationship required taking a chance.”
As authors, we write about what we've experienced.
I'd go back to Quebec City in a heartbeat.
I hope you'll have an opportunity to travel to Quebec,
but if you can't, read about the city in my books.



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gay's Days, October 16, 2014

Released and ready to read
Here's and excerpt.
This is a conversation taking place between Christian and Sarah.
“It is beautiful country our Creator designed just north of here. My assignment was to bring together a man and woman who had been sweethearts in high school. If they’d become husband and wife when they first considered wedded bliss, they would be celebrating fifty years together. Instead they married other people, but they never forgot their first love. After their spouses died, they looked each other up on social media.”
“Never heard of social media.” Sarah frowned.
“It’s a cyberspace tool. I helped them find each other on Facebook.”
“What in the world could that gizmo be? Is it some kind of doohickey where people stand at a computer and make silly faces at the screen?”
Christian laughed. “Not exactly. It’s a public forum where individuals post attractive personal, profile pictures and those images spin around the world on the Internet.”
“Oh, my stars!" Sarah cringed.  "I hope the Superiors never ask me to tangle with that thingy. No telling what kind of mess I’d make. I had enough trouble getting Karen and Jeremy together on an Internet Dating Service. Can you imagine what I’d do if I had a bunch of photos staring back at me?” Sarah squeezed one eye shut. “On the other hand, if their semblances had been on that service they used, I might not have had as much confusion.” She shuddered. “I don’t want to use computers.”
“But you did, and you are now more familiar with mankind’s toys. It was good for you. Facebook is an excellent place to learn new things about people. You should set up a page. Call yourself Sarah Wingspand and invite friends to like you.”
“My friends reside in The Heavenlies. I don’t have any down here.”
“Oh, you don’t need to know people. Just publish an image and request the public to friend you.”
“Huh? People who don’t know each other get in touch with other strangers and become buddies?”
“Yes. Often that is the case. They may never meet in this life, only in the one to come, but they visit over the Internet.”
“That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of. Whoever came up with that idea must be making tons money."

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gay's Days, October 15

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gay's Days, October 14, 2014

Good morning friends,

I'm so happy to be on Penelope Marzec's blog today. Please stop by and say hello.

Penny writes lovely novels, and I recommend them. One of my favorites is Patriot's Heart.
You'll find a heartwarming story that takes place during the Revolutionary War on the pages of this entertaining book..
Product Details

Today is one of God's diamond days down here in Houston. Times of low humidity and a high of 75 F are rare. Oh sure, we get mild temps during the fall and winter, but the skies are usually filled with sticky moisture. I'm going out for a walk as soon as the dawn begins to break.

I have lots to do today, and I'm afraid I won't get it all done.  Do you have mornings where you wonder the same thing?  After exercise, I'm going to work on my post for efictionfinds. My post is due tomorrow, and I still haven't learned how to connect links to pictures. Sigh.

After I make my selections for eFF, I'll work on my new release. Sarah and a Dad for Mandy. The new novella comes out tomorrow. You can't imagine my anticipation and eagerness. Sleep will not come tonight. So pumped!

While I drove about recently, I found these steps. Oh the stories I could create about them. How about you?  What kind of images do they bring to your mind?

The "Stairway to No Where" is a few miles from my home and are surrounded by lovely houses.  Did the family who once lived here have a happy life? Did they survive a fire? A storm? Were they left totally homeless? On the other hand, perhaps the occupants are glad the house is gone. Maybe a lonely person roamed among the rooms.

 Secrets live behind closed doors.

Grass has grown where the house once stood. Stairs and mysteries are all that's left on this patch of land.

Don't be surprised if Sarah doesn't find these stairs. She may know the story behind them.

Have a blessed day, and I'll catch you tomorrow!