Sunday, November 26, 2023

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Do you hear that phrase anymore? Newsboys once stood on the corner and shouted that phrase as they sold copies of the latest news.

This day and time, we receive our updates from the Internet or TV. Newspaper sales are down, but I like the urgency in the message.

My book is here! It’s straight from the press, and I am shouting loud and clear so you can know about it.

Sarah and a Texas Christmas first appeared in eBook format under the title, Sarah and the Cowboy’s Lady.  That was many sleeps ago. Too many to count, so I decided to update this book and publish it under my pseudonym. G. N. Lewis.

Why change names, you ask?

Well, it is a long story.  With my first contract, my publisher tried to place my book, Sarah and a Mission of Love, on Amazon, but they wouldn’t accept it. The publisher came back to me and said my name, “Gay” wasn’t acceptable due to the morals at the time.

Well, okay, then, let’s put my middle initial in there and see what happens. So Gay N. Lewis became my author name, and Amazon accepted it. Yay!

Fast forward to today’s world. Behaviors have changed, and what was once unacceptable is acceptable.

Problem? My books with the name Gay N. Lewis became lost among the Gay Pride novels and literature.  If you found them at all, you might have to look through a list of titles that you hadn’t planned to see.

I thought about a pen name. How about Gabby Lewis?  Gigi Lewis? LeAnn Lewis? Lynn Lewis? Louie Lewis? Nella Lewis?

Nothing seemed right, so I decided on initials. Clive Staples Lewis used his initials, C. S., and became known to the world as C. S. Lewis.  If they worked for him, why couldn’t G. N. Lewis work for me?

Sarah, my dyslexic angel, is a delight in this book. Sarah arrives on Earth to help Emily. Emily is jilted by her fiancée, and when a police officer issues a restraint order to Emily, a disgusted Sarah kicks him in his posterior.

Sarah disguises herself as an eccentric, human senior citizen and wings her way into Emily’s life. They leave Dallas, headed for Austin, but get caught in a bizarre Texas snowstorm. The two, one angel and one human, get stranded. Now, Sarah, of course, can vanish and fly off to Timbuctoo, but Emily can’t. Sarah must find a handsome, rich, Texas cowboy to rescue Emily.

Where does she find one?  Well, don’t you know, Texas is full of them, and Sarah picks one up from the Get and Go Convenient store.

This story is full of laughs and good feelings.

 I wanted the cover to feature a Christmas tree in the middle of a field of Texas Bluebonnets. The story takes place at Christmas, but the wedding occurs in the Bluebonnet spring of Texas.  Once her mission is complete, Sarah is allowed to see into the future and she actually sees Emily and Josiah marry in the Texas field of Bluebonnets and Christmas trees.

The designer couldn’t pull that off, but I like this cover. I think you’ll love the book.

 Sarah and a Texas Christmas



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