Sunday, July 4, 2021

Update on Gay's Days: Two Ambulances, Three Hospitals.

 A month has galloped by since the incident with our daughter. 

A bruise on her face remains, but she is healing. She doesn't remember the incident--or the male resident who attacked her. Forgetting, in this case, is a blessing.

I reported the incident to the State of Texas in several recorded phone calls and via email. Inspectors spent two days at the facility and gave them ten days to make changes. I have no idea what happens after ten days, but we will see.

One of the good things is that everyone keeps an eye on our daughter.  Even the residents!  I saw Shelley wandering off one day, and a resident brought her back before I did. 

That week was a crazy one. Shelley's incident occurred on a Saturday. The following Wednesday, I took my hubby to the hospital for a day procedure. Then, on Friday, he became ill, and we hurried to the ER. The physician diagnosed him with pneumonia. I once more rode in an ambulance.

I feel like Job in the Old Testament. One surprise after another. And none of them were good or happy. Who could guess I'd be in two ambulances and three hospitals in one week.

Hubby is recovering, so that's a good thing.

I haven't intended to neglect my blog or my writing, but I've been busy helping with more important issues. I've missed all of you.

We don't know why God allows storms in our lives, but we trust Him. For individual and nations, God allows good and bad to take place. Perhaps He does so to bring about knowledge. Knowledge about Him, as well as ourselves. Perhaps He gives people and nations circumstances to generate repentance. He only allows us so much sin before He intervenes. Perhaps He plans glory to Himself. If we suffer well during ugly circumstances, others can see God. 

Who knows?  Not me, that's certain.

However, I believe this. When I can't understand the reasons for my pain and sorrow, I can trust His heart

Faith and Humor


  1. Bless you. Only God knows all of the answers.

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, but I'm glad your hubby is recovering. Hugs and prayers.


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