Thursday, February 11, 2021

Seeing Strange Things


While driving the streets of Houston, I can always find people dressed in silly attire. Yesterday I saw a cow.

A lady (or man) was walking down the street in full regalia. I assumed the cow was female because she had udders. Horns came straight out of her head and she skipped along with those pink udders bouncing. 

Most of the time, I see odd costumes while people advertise a business. This cow lady was bouncing along in a quiet neighborhood.

Was she on her way to entertain at a child's party? Did she dress that way to keep warm?  

As in the cartoon picture above, she held out her arms. Was she requesting a cow blessing?

I have no idea, but I turned the corner before she left a cow patty on the side walk.


  1. one of my favotire poems by Ogden Nash says he would rather see a purple cow than be one.


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