Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Comfort of Quiet


Have you found a quiet place? One without TV? A spot where no  conversation is needed? No email? No social media? A site of total silence?

It's time we found such a place. Take a moment to shut out the noise. 

When you turn off the noise makers such as music, TV, and phone, what do you hear?

If you are home, you might hear the washing machine or dishwasher, or maybe the house settling. If you are outside, you might hear birds chirping. 

Turn your ear to your heart. Listen to what your soul tells you. If negative thoughts intervene, shoo them away. This is your moment to listen to God. Ask Him to speak blessings to you, and then sit back and wait.

What He reveals will flood you with relief, blessing, and energy.


  1. The quiet and peace of the day is helping me renew. Rain tapping on the roof slows the world outside. Sharing time with God is wonderful.


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