Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Prom Time in Corona Days

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

These Corona Days make a sad time for graduates. No prom. No walking in cap and gown for a diploma.

I've seen on the news a few young ladies who've  dressed in prom attire and their dads take photos. Some dads dance with their daughters in the street.  We're all being creative as we try to make the best of bad times.

Teens spend months planning for prom. Gals worry about having a date, and guys spend hours planning the right invitation for the lady of their choice. 

When I wrote the book, Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie, I interviewed a lot of teens. I enjoyed hearing about their dresses and how their boyfriends promposed (no, that's not misspelled. That's what they call it) them. I loved hearing all the plans for the big night.

I wish the guys and gals could have it this year. Some things only come once in a lifetime.

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