Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Joseph, the Stepdad

As the afternoon sun began to sink behind my house a few days ago, I glanced across the street to see my neighbor's Nativity scene.


The cut-out figure of the walking man shone brightly and sparkled. As the light caught this portrayal of Joseph, I thought about the enormity of Joseph's job.

In the depiction, Mary cuddles with the unborn Jesus. Over the rough and rocky journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, a distance of some 90 miles, the trio traveled. The duo are married, but their union hasn't been consummated, and the baby has yet to arrive. Mary and Joseph will become one flesh much later.

Mary is the mother, but Joseph is the chosen caregiver. The Protector. The unselfish Provider. A man of faith who is willing to accept responsibility for circumstances he had no previous control over. 

He knows the child isn't his, and yet he assumes the role to care for and nurture Mary's child, God's Son.

Joseph reminds me of the many men who do this today. They step up to the role of stepdad. Like Joseph, some of these men do it before a child is born. Others create a family to existing children. These men love, shoulder the guardianship, and provide for kiddos they didn't create.

Quite often, they don't receive any acclaim. They go unnoticed.

They merely consent willingly to their job.

And most do the stepdad role well.

Thank God for the Josephs in this world.

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