Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Readers Think This One Is Best!

Authors love reviews.
Especially five star reviews.
Numerous readers say Sarah & the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island is their favorite.
These two booklovers have posted reviews for several of my books, and they like this one best.
3.99 on Amazon
available in eBook or paperback.
To date, this was the most difficult one to write.
Why, you ask?
Well, I enjoy writing about Sarah.  She's fun and goofy. She's also dyslexic and lacks confidence. She has so much to learn. In other words, she and I are similar.
The difficult part was writing about an unholy angel.
They exist, just as the holy ones do.
I don't like giving Satan fame, attention, or opportunities. He does okay without my help. He is not as powerful as God, but he is the prince of the air and seeks to devour us humans.
We battle him each day.
Talen is an unholy angel in this book and tries to thwart Sarah's attempts. He does some wicked things, but I think you'll laugh at some of his antics and root for Sarah at the same time.


3.99 on Amazon
Here's one reader review.

"Gay Lewis is a fantastic Christian writer. I have read most of her books but each time I read a book I think this is the best yet. SARAH AND A MIDNIGHT CRUISE TO CATALINA ISLAND really is the best. Sarah, the little angel, seems so human in all of her predicaments. Just like many of us she forgets to ask for help and tries to work things out for herself. Things would be so much easier for her if she would take time to seek help from the Almighty. Sarah reminds us in many ways to depend on the Lord. This book is a good reminder that the Savior is close and He would like for us to call on Him for all things. I never lost interest in trying to see who Carolyn would choose for her mate. In fact, I was somewhat surprised that the man she chose was the best choice. Judging from their appearance I thought he would probably be the most devious." Betty Wright
Here's another reader review

 "Sarah & A Midnight Cruise To Catalina Island made me think of my first cruise. Mrs Lewis perfectly pictured the beauty of the ocean and the distance shore lights. Her adorable dyslectic angel Sarah has a mission to bring two people together despite the interference of Talon, a clever angel from the lower realms. Sarah's antics, however unintentional, make for a thoughtful, yet halarious read. Good does eventually win over evil. This is my favorite of all the Sarah sagas!! Get it today!!!" Nancy Conner

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