Friday, August 29, 2014

Gay's Days

August 29, 2014

Good morning folks.  Earlier in the day, about 9:00, we had a much needed rain shower. Some parts of Texas are dry, but we’ve been fortunate in Fulshear to have had a cooler, wetter, summer. Rather unusual for us down here.

Our neighbor moved from her home yesterday…a bittersweet relocation for her. She loved her house, but it was too large for one person. She’s looking forward to a new subdivision not too far from here.

I suppose the new neighbors will move in this weekend. Hubby and I are happy because the new neighbors also took possession of the lot between our houses. The view is lovely with all the pecan trees.

I awoke about 5:30 and wrote a bit on my novella, Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island, and now I’m about to leave for the gym and get on that dreaded treadmill. I’m listening to my first book read on audio, Sarah: A Mission of Love. The reader is quite good, and I’m enjoying the book I authored from a new perspective.  Listening to a book makes the time go faster.

Ya’ll have a good day. I’ll catch you tomorrow.

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