Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel

Just released! Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel.  Am I excited? 
 Yes indeed, I am!

A new Sarah book is out today! Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel, an eBook, and this book is the second of a three edition, novella series. Sarah is featured in three full length books, but this is the first time she’s appeared in a shorter stories.

A third eBook is on the way, Sarah and a Dad for Mandy.  These three novellas will be bundled into a print book and will be available in September.

Sarah is a fun book.  I’m told by readers that she makes them smile.  She even makes me laugh as I write about her antics.  Here’s what one reader wrote:

                “I can’t remember many (any actually) where God’s word is taught in happy and entertaining   circumstances.”  G. Hankins.

And guess what?  Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel is only .99 on Amazon and other online book sellers.
Blurb for Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel
Sarah is given a new mission—to link Robert Johnson and Brittany Lee—two people she encountered while trying to bring a couple together on that irksome computer Internet dating service. Oh sure, she’d done it. Not without trial and a lot of error, but with this fresh assignment, trouble would come again, she was positive.
If she hadn’t grumbled about the computer, maybe the Lieutenant wouldn’t have ordered her to ride the Galveston Ferris wheel. She’d seen the huge rotation device built over the Gulf of Mexico, and the very thought of a ride on that monster made her nauseous. 
What if she threw up on the humans?
Oh merciful heavens!  Why did the Superiors give such tasks to
bumbling angels anyway?

Last February, on a rather cold and windy day in the Houston area, I went to Galveston to ride the Ferris Wheel.  The day was way too blustery, so hubby and I had to go back a second time.  The ride was fun, but no amount of needed research would put me on the roller coaster. Nope.  Nuh-huh.  The scary Ferris wheel was enough for me.  Here's a picture on the cold, windy day.  I come out sideways, but that's the way Sarah operates...well, not exactly.  She's usually upside down.

Have you been to Galveston?  Tell me about your experience. Galveston, Texas is a fun place with lots of activities and good food.


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