Monday, August 26, 2013

Prism Book Group

Hi Everyone,
I'm thrilled to announce that I've signed my second three book contract with Prism Book Group.
Two of my books are available now, Sarah: A Mission of Love, and Sarah: Laney's Angel.  The third book will be available before Christmas.  The title is Sarah and the Widow's Mate.  It's a lovely story about a rich widow with too many unsuitable suitors.
Books four, five and six will be more of Sarah's misadventures.  Sarah will spend an entire summer trying to help humans find mates.  Just wait till you see what she does!
Prism is a wonderful home for authors.  Everyone here supports each other and we write clean, uplifting stories. I invite you to check out our website.  Prism features three distinct lines of fiction: Inspired, Diamond, and Illuminate.  I write under the Inspired line. Prism will release several new titles in the next several weeks.

Have you seen the You Tube videos produced by Jacqueline Hopper?  Sarah: Mission of Love can be seen at this link:  Another video for the same book is at this link: Sarah: Laney's Angel can be seen at this link:  Jacqueline Hopper works as an editor for Prism Book Group and has produces videos for the publisher.  She does an amazing job, and I'm very proud of the ones she has done for my books.  Please pop over and see them.


Both these books have been on Amazon's best seller list.  Sarah: A Mission of Love is now .99 cents at Amazon on Kindle and has been on the best seller's list since May, 2013.  Sarah: Laney's Angel is only $2.99.  Both are available in print or eBooks.  Lots of humor and easy reading.

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