Monday, February 11, 2013

A Day of Love

Day of Love

Bah, humbug.  Oops, wait a minute, that’s Scrooge’s line from A Christmas Carol. Okay, but some of us feel that way about Valentine’s Day.
Truthfully, it is my least favorite holiday. Not that I don’t enjoy a good romantic, love story—I do!  I write them, read them, and must hear about them. When my husband brings home a box of chocolates, along with a card and flowers, he makes Valentine’s Day special. Then I suddenly enjoy the occasion.

But what if you have no one to share your life with? Consider the one who longs for a significant other. Perhaps that person has searched for years for that singular someone and hasn’t found him or her yet. The day other couples celebrate becomes torture for them. And how about the one who maintains a special sweetheart, but the relationship has soured?

Every person should know that he or she is wanted and loved.
Oh hold up a second!  God gave us that kind of extraordinary Valentine when He sent Jesus.  Jesus is the One who makes us recognize we are desired and valued.

And that heaven sent gift is factual.  However, even though the God/man connection is essential, we long for human touch and social interaction. For many these are missing elements, and February 14th is a day of dread.
My heart breaks for the lonely, the unloved, the abused, and the forgotten.  Yes, God remembers them, but we should too.  Send a card to the person you know who finds Valentine’s Day a sad time.

On a happier note.  Please check out the new short story on Prism Book Group’s website.  Many of the authors, including me, contributed a segment.  The story begins February 11th with segments posted daily. A Blizzard Wedding is a continuation of Lightning Strikes and After the Storm.

Rachel and Luke are ready to marry, but a major blizzard blowing over the ski lodge where the ceremony is scheduled may change all that. Ivy, the maid of honor, and Joshua, the best man, meet for the first time and instantly express hostility.  However, they join forces to make a wedding happen right in the middle of a snowstorm.  A missing groom and no electricity are two obstacles they face.

 Ivy and Joshua are a story in the making.  Stay tuned to see where their new relationship heads.

 I wrote one of the segments for this short story, A Blizzard Wedding. I hope you will join the fun and win a prize!





  1. I love your suggestion to send someone a card who needs to feel some love. I think I'll do that!

    In our home, Valentine's day is about celebrating love and family. I treat all my children, grown or not, (and husband, of course) to a fancy dinner, love notes, and treats to let them know how much they matter to me. ;)


  2. Thanks for the comment. I too let my family know how much they mean to me. Not everyone has that lovely benefit.

  3. Amen, Sister! We are all extraordinarily beloved. to bask in this nurturing love, all we have to do is open up our hearts and let Jesus in.


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