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Sarah at Christmas

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ice Cream: Two Scoops Please

Ice cream time!

Cold. Creamy. Delicious.

What's your flavor?  

My mom would never eat anything but vanilla. Why bother with another flavor when you knew what you liked? That was her motto.

I enjoyed Pistachio Almond. I rarely eat any ice cream anymore. I try to save calories. Sigh. I spend them elsewhere.

But this is the Season!

Remember the days when we made ice cream the old fashioned way? With an ice cream freezer? I'm guessing that those of you that follow my blog remember. Millennials will say what's that?


Recipes for this homemade treat abound. Some were made with eggs, others made eggless. I preferred the kind without eggs. I never could cook the custard properly. I'd end up with tiny pieces of boiled eggs in the mixture.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, for one thing, it's hot outside.

And Another thing, I got to thinking about the simpler times of life. The days when the family made ice cream. Our daughters still talk about sitting on the patio with Dad. They took turns sitting atop the freezer while he turned the crank. The gadget inside, the dasher, rotated while ice froze the mixture into creamy goodness.

Then Blue Bell came along and homemade ice cream lives in our distant memories.

On turbulent days, it feels good to remember better, simpler times. And just think:  Those twenty-something kids will recall these days as the good old days.