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Sarah at Christmas

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Apple a Day

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Ever hear that one?

My grandfather must have believed it. He ate an apple every night while he listened to a radio very much like this one pictured below.

I can remember him sitting in his easy chair with an apple in hand. He'd reach into his pocket, remove a pocket knife and proceed to peel. His goal was to peel the apple and not break the chain of peeling. He succeeded most nights. He'd pick up the chain and show it to me. No words ever spoken. I'd nod, and then he'd slice the apple and eat it. If he offered me a slice, I don't remember it.

I wish I'd asked him questions, but he was kind of scary to me.  I'd like to know why his family (my ancestors) came here from England, when, where did they live, and what did they do. If I'd asked, he wouldn't have given many details. He wasn't a story teller. He was a tall, quiet man with white hair. My dad inherited the white hair DNA and so did I. But I'm not quiet. Neither was my dad.

His son, my dad, was a gifted speaker and told interesting tales. I never thought to ask him about our forefathers either.

I have friends who are writing down family stories for children and grandchildren. That's a good idea. I've done a little from my own background, but I don't know much family history....other than what has happened to me. I'll begin the tradition and hope others carry it forward.

My Grandfather lived into his eight decade. I don't know if the apple helped or not, but he enjoyed one every night.