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Sarah at Christmas

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Supernatural

A dear man I loved lay dying.  Speaking couldn't be done. Oral cancer had robbed him of the abilities to talk, eat and drink.  After fighting the disease for many months, Hospice came in to help.

His eyes grew wide as he motioned with his hands. Although he couldn't say and was to weak to write, people around him knew he saw visions of supernatural sights.

With a glowing face, he'd point and smile.

When anyone would ask, "Is it good?" He'd nod yes.

Not long after that, he went to heaven.

He left us with a wonderful legacy, and at the end, even though he couldn't speak, we know angels brought him comfort and escorted him home.

Angels exist.

In my books, I write about a little angel who brings a laugh to us as she attempts to complete her tasks on Earth.  In many ways, she's like us.  She experiences doubt about her abilities but she grows and develops with time.

Sarah and the Internet Dating Service will be released soon, and I'm working on a new Sarah book now. It's a joy to bring uplifting stories to readers who are tired of dark days.  There's a lot of bad stuff on the news.  I enjoy giving readers an escape to a better world.

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