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Sarah at Christmas

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Goals and Challenges for the PBG Sarah Series in 2014

My goals for my Sarah series is to entertain, inspire and enlighten.

I try to amuse the reader by telling the story of a bumbling angel’s efforts to help the humans.  Sarah constantly makes one goof after another, but she is lovable and laugh out loud funny. 

God gifted me with a sharp sense of humor, and I enjoy using it in my writing.  The crazy stunts Sarah pulls can appeal to all ages.  Who hasn’t been guilty of doing something nutty?  Most of us can relate to Sarah’s goofs and bumbles. You know the old adage.  “Laughter is the best medicine.”

A fan wrote recently about a silly thing she’d done, and her response to herself was. “I just had a Sarah moment.”  I thought that was cool, and it gave me an idea.  Now when I pull some crazy stunt, I tell my family, “I’m having a Sarah moment.”

My second goal as a writer is to enlighten the reader.  Although the Sarah books are not theological, many themes in the series are Scripturally sound and factual.  A reader recently said that she’d learned a few Biblical concepts from Sarah.

Two difficulties plague me when I write Christian, romance stories. The most problematic part of writing for me is making sure I don’t preach too much.  If I turn the reader away, I haven’t done my job.
And then there the love scenes. I face a dilemma when I write the romantic sections.  Christian readers don’t want explicit details, so making the booklover aware of the attraction between a man and woman is a challenge.  Should they kiss?  Is it okay if he touches her shoulder?  Can they waltz at a wedding reception? Or share a glass of wine? The scenes that work for some might not be okay for another. I find myself walking a fine line as I write the amorous paragraphs. 

My first Sarah book, Sarah: A Mission of Love was released in 2012.  Two books followed in 2013:  Sarah: Laney’s Angel and Sarah and the Widow’s Mate.  I’m under contract for three more Sarah books and I’ve turned in book four: Sarah and the Internet Dating Service.

I’m blessed.  All three current Sarah books have been on Amazon’s best seller’s list. 

It brings me great joy when a reader writes that they can hardly wait for more Sarah books.  They can read a lot faster than I can write!

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