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Sarah at Christmas

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“This is the day the Lord Has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” PS. 118:24. NIV

I waited to add my first entry today, September 18, 2012—this is the day my first book in the Sarah series is released. Sarah: A Mission of Love is now available in eBook and print.  My choice of Scripture fits.

Deciding to try my hand at romance was difficult because I’m a minister’s wife. How could I write love scenes that wouldn’t cause my parishioners—and me—to blush when we saw each other in church? A difficult question, and one I study each time a love scene is due in a book. God created romance and intimacy between a man and woman, but detailing it in such a way to bring honor to Him is a challenge. It is also fun.

My title character, Sarah, is dyslexic, clumsy, and inexperienced. On her first assignment, she blunders often—like the time she appears as a biker in black leather, silver chains, and tattoos. People in the Burger Barn think she is one of Hell’s Angels, and Sarah hyperventilates over what the Superiors in The Heavenlies might say. What if she’s called up to Cloud Number Five for a reprimand?

Having never used human disguises before, choosing one is problematic for the novice angel. She is only to materialize in dire circumstances, yet when she does, her selections often bring trouble. She loves the colors and textures of women’s clothing—and she especially loves shoes—red, high-heeled ones—and that’s trouble waiting to happen!

Sarah takes on a few of the characteristics of earthlings as she helps them. She discovers tears—a new experience, as they don’t occur in The Heavenlies. Her assignment to connect a woman and man is also difficult, since angels don’t experience sexual passion or romantic love.

I learned a lot about angels as I wrote this book. We don’t worship them, but they are involved in our daily lives.  Fantasy lurks in this book too.  There’s so much about the supernatural world we don’t know. My hope and prayer is that the Sarah series will bring hope and insight to readers.

Stay tuned. I hope to hear often from you!