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Monday, July 3, 2017

Questions and No Answers

Do you ever wonder what God is trying to tell you?

Or do you think He's forgotten you and not giving answers to questions?

Yeah, me too.

Hubby and I have been acting in faith a lot lately and claiming Romans 8:28.  So far we aren't seeing good come from decisions. Oops! Were they bad choices? Did we interrupt God's message correctly? Were our choices His plan?  At this point, who knows? We don't. You've heard of whistling in the dark?

We're singing, talking, praying and acting in the middle of muddle. Lots of muddle. Stacks of stuff. 

We have friends who are in the boat with us, perhaps you're there too. We all row ahead as if our destination was in sight. What else are we to do?

Some might say wait...sit still.  Good thought. And sometimes, that's a perfect answer. In other situations, time doesn't permit waiting. So we make decisions and hope we heard God correctly. Then things happen and we wonder did we hear Him right? Perhaps we need a hearing aid.

It all boils down to faith. 

Is your faith intact today?  I'm growing mine. How's it going with you? About the time I think mine is a strong stalk, I discover it's a seedling.

Later. Keep smiling in the muddle. We'll grow together.

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