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Sarah at Christmas

Monday, November 7, 2016

I Know How Caleb and Joshua felt

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Caleb and Joshua, along with ten others, were sent to explore the land of Canaan. Moses instructed the twelve to find out who lived there, what kind of land it was, and what the towns were like. Did it have good, soil and trees? Dear old Moses also asked them to bring back fruit if possible.

When the twelve returned to Moses and the two million people, ten saw the situation differently than Caleb and Joshua.

The ten said, "it is good land, but the people who live there are powerful. We are grasshoppers compared to them."

Caleb spoke up. He said, "we can do it."

No matter how much Joshua and Caleb wept and tore their clothes, they couldn't convince the majority to do the right thing. They reminded the assembly of God's promise. "The Lord is with us. Do not be afraid of them."

The entire assembly wanted to stone Joshua and Caleb,

The United States of America elects a new leader tomorrow. One has been described as a creep and the other a crook.

No matter how much Wikileaks reveals about the crook, a large number refuse to believe the report.

Conservatives believe. Liberals don't.

If you don't know by now, I'm a conservative. I make no apologies for defending the unborn baby. The baby has no choice, nor can he or she vote.

I voted for the issue, not the person. No one is perfect. Jesus was when He walked among us, but we crucified Him. I pray for those who will vote tomorrow. Many are agonizing over the choice right now.

My books are filled with faith and humor. I don't preach in them, nor do I take political sides, but today I'm sad. I fear the majority of Americans will ignore the Calebs and Joshuas of the land and America will face the judgment of God.