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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flooding in Houston

Good morning friends,
What a day we had in the HTown area yesterday. We live west of Katy, and our area was hard hit, but so were many others... more so than us.

Here's a picture I took from the screened in back porch as water approached the rear entry. We are blessed it didn't come in, but it knocked on our door.
Our niece in Katy has two feet of water in their home. She and hubby are confined to the upstairs. Their cars are under water outside. I offered our home to her, but she has no way to get here, and the opening to our subdivision is closed. Before the waters came to dwell with her, she and hubby took food, water, and meds upstairs. They have flood insurance, but there is a large deductible. They've lived in their house for twenty plus years and this is the first time for this.
Now granted, the rain was fast and furious, but even during Alicia, when that storm parked herself over the Katy Freeway for days, their home didn't flood.  New subdivisions have gone in around them, and builders have built up the property for future homes. This may be one reason the water deluged them. The excess once had a place to go, but it doesn't any more. One would think city planners would consider these things.
Other friends have flooded houses and no flood insurance. They do have insurance on ruined cars but none on their homes. We are gathering supplies for them.
We've had drought and we've had floods. I'm sure the same is true with your area. Challenges come to everyone, this is ours at the moment.
Stay dry, and we'll try to do the same!